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Championing sustainable travel

Making the journey as memorable as the destination

Embracing slower and more sustainable travel is becoming increasingly popular in event planning.

At Evolve Events we proudly champion sustainable travel options for MICE events. Our goal isn’t just to ensure events have no negative impact on the planet; it’s to reveal the myriad of positive benefits that overland travel can offer.

Embracing slower and more sustainable travel methods reduces emissions but making sustainable travel choices is also about recognising that the journey itself can be an extraordinary experience. By prioritising greener travel options, we not only reduce our environmental footprint but also unlock doors to unique and enriching travel experiences.

Overland travel introduces the possibility of exploring lesser-known areas, unveiling hidden gem destinations off the beaten track that intrigue delegates but also leave behind a positive events legacy, with revenue flowing into local communities.

At Evolve we spotlight destinations that are not only easily accessible and navigable through sustainable transport but also embody eco-friendliness –  boasting green hotels and abundant green spaces.

We understand that organising purpose-driven events aligned with CSR values can feel daunting at first. That’s where Evolve steps in. Let us guide you through the process, ensuring your event not only makes a positive impact but also leaves a lasting legacy of sustainability and social responsibility.

Partner with us for a sustainable event journey where success, wellbeing and sustainability converge.

How we champion sustainable travel

Our dedication to championing sustainable practices in the events industry has seen our Creative Director, Anna Peters, recognised as a Power Green Champion 2023 by Micebook.

As champions of flight free travel for events we take pride in being among the first 100 companies to offer our staff additional paid leave for flight-free holiday travel through Climate Perks.

By contributing to publications and collaborating with partners, we’ve sparked a growing momentum towards adopting sustainable travel practices within the events industry.