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Evolve becomes a Climate Perk employer

Evolve are a Climate Perks employer

At Evolve Events, we’re proud to be one of the first 100 companies to become a Climate Perks employer, empowering sustainable travel choices for our team by providing additional time off for holidaying via coach, train, or ferry instead of flying.

In our professional lives, we often discuss the importance of sustainable travel within the events industry. However, it’s equally vital to consider sustainable choices in our personal lives. Train journeys to Europe, for example, become an integral part of the travel experience itself, offering scenic views and opportunities for relaxation. Yet, while train travel significantly reduces emissions, it can sometimes limit destination options, particularly when time is a crucial factor.

Recognising the value of both sustainable travel and personal time, we at Evolve Events are committed to removing barriers to eco-friendly holidaying. We understand that holidays are essential for rejuvenation and wellbeing, and time is undoubtedly precious. Therefore, we’ve made the decision to provide our team with extra annual leave specifically for slower travel options.

By offering additional leave for choosing greener alternatives, we empower our staff to make sustainable choices without sacrificing the precious moments that holidays provide. This initiative aligns with our company values of championing sustainable travel and employee wellbeing, demonstrating our dedication to creating positive change both within and beyond the events industry.

Being a Climate Perks employer not only reinforces our commitment to sustainability but also encourages a cultural shift within our organisation. By incentivising slower travel options, we foster a sense of collective responsibility towards reducing our carbon footprint.

We firmly believe that small actions can lead to significant change. Through initiatives like ClimatePerks, we aim to inspire others in the events industry to prioritise sustainability and make conscious choices that benefit both the planet and personal wellbeing.


Here at Evolve Events we champion sustainable travel options and handpick sustainable destinations that offer unique experiences while prioritising responsible practices that align with event planning needs. If you’d like to our help to sourcing a sustainable destination or venue just get in touch with the Evolve Events team today.

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