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Transform your European event travel into a sustainable journey

Sustainable Event Travel in Europe

Events like conferences, product launches and incentive trips connect people from around the world. However, travel, especially by air, is a major contributor to the carbon footprint of these gatherings. If you’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of your events, here’s 7 ways to get started.

  1. Embrace Sustainable Travel Travelling slower and greener is becoming increasingly important as corporations and clients focus on environmental responsibility. Recent research by Climate Perks showed that 50 per cent of people are ready to reduce flights in response to climate change, but only three per cent are currently doing so. At our agency, we’re committed to creating events that align with your values, including sustainable travel recommendations in all our international proposals to help you facilitate that change.
  2. Discover Eco-Friendly Travel Options Opting for sustainable travel methods like trains or boats to European events is not only feasible but also rewarding. We understand that navigating these options might seem daunting, so as event planners, we’re here to simplify the process and ensure you make the most of your journey. Consider cities that are easy to get around sustainably once you arrive – cities like Amsterdam with good cycle routes or Copenhagen where you can canoe down the waterways.
  3. Plan Team Activities Start fostering connections and enthusiasm from the very beginning. Plan stops and onboard activities that are both informative and fun. Achieve the social aspects of a conference en route to your destination. For instance, Eurostar offers exclusive carriage hire for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) travel, with a wide range of onboard activities. We love the cheese and beer tasting one!
  4. Change Your Mindset Encourage your group to cherish the journey as much as the destination. While flights may be shorter, the time spent on check-ins and security measures can make train travel more comparable. Enjoy the journey by watching scenic landscapes and engage with fellow travellers.
  5. Promote Wellbeing Flight travel can be stressful with long check-ins and uncomfortable seating. Slow travel offers more fulfilling experiences, allowing you to savour the sights along the way. On trains, you can move around, use Wi-Fi for work or simply relax. Facilitate moments of joy through spontaneous interactions with fellow passengers.
  6. Flexibility for Longer Transfers Eco-friendly travel offers flexibility for business travellers and digital nomads who wish to extend their stay, combining work and exploration. You can easily plan multi-stop adventures or dual-location events, thanks to the convenience of sustainable travel methods. Our recent trip to Barcelona including an overnight in Paris whilst a trip to a conference in Antwerp faciliated time in Brussels.
  7. Get Organised Numerous tools are available to help you plan lower carbon European journeys. Consider using resources like You.Smart.Thing and Chronotrains. The latter, an interactive online map, reveals how far you can travel from each European station in less than eight hours, perfect for discovering hidden gems off the beaten track. Oh, and always remember to book ahead to secure the best prices.

Conclusion: Transforming your European event travel into an eco-friendly and sustainable journey is not only possible but also highly rewarding. At Evolve Events, our commitment to helping you create events that align with your values and environmental goals has earned us recognition by Micebook as a Power 50 Sustainable Champion, the first industry initiative dedicated to shining the spotlight on individuals within the UK events industry who are devoting their time, passion and energy to making a positive impact on the planet.

Ready to embark on an exciting, sustainable adventure to your next European event? Contact us today to explore customised eco-friendly travel solutions and venue recommendations. Together, we can make your event travel experience a memorable and environmentally responsible one.

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