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Anna Peters: A Micebook power 50 green champion

Micebook Power 50 Green Champion 2023

At Evolve, we’re bursting with pride to announce that our very own Creative Director and dedicated sustainability advocate, Anna Peters, has earned her place on this year’s prestigious Micebook Power 50 Green Champions list. This exclusive roster, brought to life by micebook in partnership with isla, pays homage to trailblazing individuals within the UK events industry who are channeling their passion and efforts into making a resounding impact on our planet.

The launch event, held on October 10th, 2023 at the Barbican, was a gathering of minds, bringing together professionals, thought leaders, and the selected Green Champions for an inspiring afternoon of education and celebration. It was here that the remarkable stories of the Power 50 were shared, accompanied by the unveiling of the official Power 50 Green Champions publication.

Entries for the Power 50 were invited from across the industry and judged and scored by a panel of sustainability experts on their ambitions, actions and impacts. The 50 who scored the highest made it into the Power 50 Green Champions.

The Power 50 doesn’t represent a ranking but an opportunity to recognise some of the inspiring professionals propelling sustainable change in the events industry. We are profoundly honored to see Anna included among this remarkable group committed to driving positive change for both people and the planet.

We were particularly thrilled that our very own Creative Director, Anna Peters, was named a Power 50 Green Champion for her outstanding efforts in promoting sustainable travel within the MICE industry. Recognising that a significant portion of event emissions stem from travel, Anna has passionately advocated for sustainable alternatives. Her focus on championing sustainable train travel, emitting just 14g of CO2 per passenger mile compared to a staggering 285g for air travel, has been pivotal.

Evolve recognises the need for change in the events industry as climate change impacts become more visible. With over 78% of event emissions attributed to travel, Evolve believes that addressing travel is where the industry can truly make a difference. That’s why Evolve champions sustainable train travel as a superior solution.

To actively demonstrate the superiority and ease of train travel over flying, Anna has attended European industry events such as IBTM Barcelona and IMEX Frankfurt by train. Last year she travelled in a group of four from the UK to IBTM Barcelona but this year for IMEX, she was was joined by over 30 event suppliers, venues, buyers and associations from the UK, Europe and America on the journey to Frankfurt via Brussels. Through exclusive hire of a Eurostar carriage, they were able to provide onboard entertainment and activities, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

By choosing train travel instead of flying, Anna and her travel companions were able to save over 53kg of CO2 emissions each on the London to Brussels route.  The initiative and her content received coverage across industry media, with video content generating 50,000 views and demonstrating the tangible impact of their actions and fostering a movement in the industry.

Leading by example, Anna aims to shift perceptions and inspire others to embrace the benefits of slower, sustainable travel. Not only does this approach reduce our carbon footprint, but it also offers opportunities to relax, connect with others, and make meaningful connections along the way.

Congratulations to Anna Peters for her remarkable achievement and unwavering commitment to making a difference. Evolve now actively facilitates train travel for those who prefer it, both for clients and within our own workplace, and we’re excited to continue our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future in the events industry.

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Join the Sustainable Travel Movement with Evolve

As Anna Peters and Evolve continue to lead the way in sustainable event travel, we’re here to extend a hand to event planners and organisers looking to incorporate eco-friendly travel solutions into their European events.

If you’re interested in incorporating sustainable travel into your events or discovering the most environmentally friendly destinations and venues, reach out to our team and get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities of sustainable travel for your next event. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a conference, an incentive trip or a special gathering, Evolve is here to help you integrate sustainable train travel into your event logistics.

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