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Sales, marketing and event management for venues

Every event tells a story, and the venue is the book in which it’s written. At Evolve, we ensure your venue becomes the bestseller that everyone wants to read.

Evolve Events is an award winning events and venue management agency with 25 years of experience in crafting unforgettable corporate and private events. Our team is now leveraging their extensive expertise and proven track record in venue management to offer a dedicated service. We specialise in working with dual-purpose and heritage properties, helping them monetise their assets through expertly curated events and transforming empty spaces into thriving business opportunities.

Our focus lies in driving sales, marketing and operational infrastructure implementation, all provided as a complimentary service in exchange for exclusive venue management rights.

Your complete venue management service

As your venue management agency, we’ll help you turn your venue into a bestseller. We’ll uncover its full potential, crafting a sales and marketing strategy to maximise year-round revenue opportunities. Our expert operational and logistics management ensures seamless event execution, whilst driving commercial growth.

We work with all key players in the events industry, including venues, agencies, suppliers and end users, and have the expertise to maximise these relationships. Discover our case study Kent House Knightsbridge.

Ready to uncover the unique story of your venue and unlock its full potential?

How We Can Work With Your Venue

At Evolve Events, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to elevate your venue’s potential and ensure its success across various event types, including private and corporate events. Our expertise includes:

  • Sales & Marketing Targeting all market sectors to attract a broad spectrum of events.
  • Operational & Logistics Management Ensuring seamless event delivery and optimising internal systems.
  • Accountancy & Invoicing Handling all financial aspects related to events and marketing activities.
  • Marketing Support & Investment Leveraging our high social media reach and status as the Events Industry Influencer of the Year 2023 & 2024.
  • Catering Management Overseeing accreditation and quality control for catering services.
  • Producing & Styling Consultancy Providing expert advice on event aesthetics and production.
  • CRM & Database Management Utilising our extensive databases of end buyers and event agencies.
  • Sustainable Solutions Advice and resources on developing a sustainability policy 
  • Local Business & Community Support Engaging with and supporting the local community.
  • Investment in Venue’s Cosmetic Infrastructure Improving lighting, furniture, and other aesthetic elements to enhance your venue’s appeal.

By partnering with Evolve Events, your venue will benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and comprehensive support, ensuring long-term success and growth.

Ready to Reinvigorate Your Venue?

In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of the events and meeting industry, venues must continuously innovate to stay ahead. Evolve Events brings unparalleled expertise to ensure your venue not only stands out but flourishes. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and the know-how for crafting inspirational experiences, coupled with our proven marketing and sales prowess, we can drive a substantial boost in event bookings and revenue for your venue.

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