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Planing Eco-Friendly and Impactful MICE Gathering

Enhance Your Event’s Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Destinations and Venues

Are you eager to enhance the sustainability of your events but feel uncertain about where to begin?

The landscape of events is evolving, encompassing shifts in meaning, motives and methods. Event planners seek to organise purpose-driven events aligned with CSR values, but the initial steps can be overwhelming.

You are not alone in facing the challenge of navigating a complex landscape of climate-conscious considerations. According to the GBTA Foundation’s 2023 report, 90% of organisations stated they required professional guidance in their sustainability journey.

That’s why we’ve curated a series of guides on destinations and venues that are leading the way in hosting environmentally friendly MICE gatherings. These venues champion sustainability and facilitate authentic, unforgettable experiences, empowering event planners with the knowledge and tools needed to plan sustainable events.

Flight-Free Events

Thanks to the connection of Eurostar with modern, high-speed rail networks in Europe, we’re fortunate to have many sustainable destinations accessible within a few hours by train. Sustainable travel not only reduces carbon emissions compared to long-haul flights but also allows you to go slower and experience more. Overland travel provides the opportunity to host events away from tourist hotspots, introducing your delegates to smaller, lesser-known areas that truly benefit from the resulting income.

Positive Impact Events

The journey towards sustainability is continuous. The truth is, we’ve all become accustomed to the so-called convenience of flying, and stepping out of our comfort zone can be challenging. For those times when flying is necessary, there are ways to reduce the impact and address the travel effects across your event program. Choosing the right venue can make a significant difference. Hosting your event at sustainable venues and incorporating local activities and sustainable experiences that support your CSR values not only delivers more meaning and value for delegates but also positively impacts the local economy, ensuring a lasting event legacy. By choosing eco-friendly destinations and venues and implementing sustainable practices into your event design, you can make a significant impact.

Let Evolve help you source the ideal destination and venues and plan an environmentally conscious event that aligns with your sustainability goals.

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