Our Bar Mitzvah extravaganza:

A journey into adulthood that started with a bang.

Bar Mitzvah Extravaganza

Our Bar Mitzvah extravaganza: Helping start the journey to adulthood with a bang A Phileas Fogg inspired spectacular, unique, bespoke and full of wow moments that left guests excited and inspired by the mysterious traveller atmosphere created at One Birdcage Walk.


Jewish families have long been celebrating the coming of age, but today’s Bar Mitzvahs are far from traditional. For our young adult Logan, his party needed to ‘WOW’ both kids and adults with a knockout, a bespoke event that left them excited and inspired without losing sight of the day’s significance.


A spectacular show like no other, a Bar Mitzvah extravaganza celebrating this special moment in Logan’s life and the journey he’s about to start as he navigates the path to adulthood. Logan and his family needed a team that understood the importance of this and could create a vision that was both fun and flippant and, at times, more profound and heartfelt.


We transported guests on an immersive Phileas Fogg inspired experience, travelling the world in 80 days of authentic global foods, creative drinks and bold, explorer-themed activities.

Mad scientists greeted the young guests, encouraging them to create extraordinary mocktail experiments that, when drunk, would transform them into the world inside Logan’s mind. A world where aeronauts helped Logan go forward into the next chapter in his life, with each child guest getting a personalised airline ‘ticket’ detailing their skills and vintage flying goggles.

The mysterious traveller experience culminated with Logan unlocking his potential, turning a key and bringing to life a dancer from within a bookcase (she was dressed in body paint to merge into the books!). And then, with Israeli dancing, these Bar Mitzvah extravaganza celebrations began!

“Although we started with a few ideas of our own, we couldn’t have envisioned the incredibly personal and immersive experience designed for us. It’s huge testament to Evolve that 13-year olds boys were still talking about it days later! Thank you for holding our hand through the process and making it as painless as possible. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish and we can’t wait to start planning our younger son’s Bar Mitzvah with you!”

Valerie Leipheimer