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Why size isn’t everything when selecting your perfect event venue

how to choose the perfect event venue

The choice of venue can make or break the success of an event. While the size of a venue takes a front seat in your shortlisting process, it’s not the only factor that should influence your decision.

Understanding how to make the attributes of any space – regardless of its size and capacity – work for your event can significantly enhance the guest experience. Here, are Evolve Events’ ‘5S’ on why size isn’t everything when it comes to finding your perfect event venue.

1. Spaces

The configuration and type of individual spaces within your venue can play a critical role in the success of the event. Small rooms, for instance, can be perfect for creating intimacy and privacy, making guests feel like they are part of something special and exclusive. These spaces can work really well for high-end corporate events or luxurious private dinners where the aim is to encourage closer interactions among guests.

Large rooms have also their advantages, particularly when it comes to making an impact. They can accommodate grand scale events such as galas, exhibitions, and large conferences, providing a sense of grandeur and space for elaborate setups.

The key is to think about the impact you want to achieve. Don’t necessarily rule a venue out because it appears to be too large; many large venues are versatile, offering partitioning options and a good event planner should be able to suggest creative layout designs and lighting that can create smaller, more intimate areas even within a vast space, thus combining impact with intimacy.

2. Story

Every event tells a story, and the venue is the book you read it from. The choice of venue should reflect the narrative you want to craft: how do you want your guests to feel the moment they step in, the journey you want them to embark on during the event, and the experience you want them to take away? A royal palace, for instance, could set the perfect stage for a gala dinner themed around heritage; a modern art gallery might be the ideal backdrop for a cutting-edge fashion launch; a blank canvas historic townhouse could be the perfect space to create an immersive, exclusive event.

Choosing a venue that fits with the emotional and thematic goals of your event not only enhances your guests’ experience but also reinforces the event story. The architecture, décor, even the history of the venue, can all contribute to the storytelling, making the event even more engaging and memorable.

Sometimes though it’s fun to play around with the setting and host your event somewhere unexpected. Just be sure you’re thought your strategy through first but on the right occasion you can have a lot of fun juxtaposing your backdrop with the content of your event and surprising your guests.

3. Styling

Styling is where your creativity really comes into its own in transforming the event venue to perfectly meet your brief. Even the largest of rooms can be transformed into a series of intimate spaces through clever use of furniture, lighting and design. Drapes, strategic lighting and themed props can carve out smaller gathering spots or breakout areas in a larger venue, making it suitable for both general sessions and smaller group interactions.

Likewise, small venues can be styled to make an impact. Event styling using bold colour schemes, dramatic lighting and distinctive furnishings can amplify the character of a small space, making it feel impactful and dynamic. The skills to style a venue to emphasise your event’s theme and objectives are crucial in turning any space into the perfect setting for your event.

4. Sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly a priority in event production. When shortlisting venues, consider how your event can minimise its environmental footprint. Factors such as proximity to public transport can significantly influence attendee travel choices, promoting greener travel options. Venues that implement sustainable practices, such as waste reduction, recycling, and energy efficiency, also not only contribute to a reduced environmental impact but also align with the values of socially conscious businesses and attendees.

Choosing a venue that supports and practices sustainability can add another layer to enhancing your event’s image, resonating with a demographic that values environmental responsibility, adding another chapter to the event story.

5. Suppliers

The suppliers a venue works with can dramatically influence the execution of the event. Approved suppliers have a better knowledge of the venue and its capabilities. Collaborating with them can enhance your efficiency and ensure that every aspect of the event – from catering to floral displays – is in sync with the event vision.

Venues that have strong, established relationships with their suppliers often provide smoother more reliable event experiences too. Partnerships like these can be crucial in delivering a cohesive and seamless event, where every element from food to AV support just works flawlessly together.

Selecting a venue for your event involves much more than just checking its size and capacity fits your brief. By focusing on the 5S of spaces, story, styling, sustainability, and suppliers, you can create impactful, memorable, and meaningful events that create impact with their audience. The right venue is not just a space but a lens through which the story of your event is viewed, reflecting its purpose and ultimately enhancing its success.

For more ideas, or for more information about selecting the perfect event venue and then planning and styling it, don’t hesitate to contact the Evolve Events team. We have the experience and local knowledge to assist you with finding your perfect venue, then curating the entertainment, catering and logistics to create an unforgettable experience.

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