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Top tips for viewing venues & booking event spaces

Top questions to ask when viewing venues

Get the most out of your venue visit with our list of key questions.

Nothing beats the live experience of looking at a venue but with the quality of showrounds varying so much from venue to venue it pays to be organised with a key list of questions you’ve thought of in advance. With so many venues in London finding the right one is no easy task.

At Evolve we spend a lot of our time visiting venues with clients as well as researching the latest openings so we thought it would be worth sharing with you our top tips for questions to ask when visiting a venue to ensure you’re able to efficiently compare each venue and book the right venue for your event.

It sounds obvious but our best bit of advise is not to forget to take a notebook and pen with you to make notes and don’t be afraid to take photographs to capture a particular feature or view and help jog your memory when you’re reviewing your visit.

Top 20 questions to ask when viewing venues 

 Is the venue available on the dates and times you need it?

Does the venue have enough space to comfortably fit your guests?

Will it be a destination venue that creates a wow factor for people?

Do they offer exclusive-use of the venue? If so, from what time and until when?

What is the cost difference for different times of the week/year and is there a minimum spend or numbers?

Do they offer packages and what do they (and don’t they) include?

Are there break out areas for hosting different types of activities?

Does the space flow like you will need it to?

Is there outside space or gardens that can be used for the drinks reception, photos etc? If so, what’s the contingency plan for bad weather?

Will the style of the venue compliment the event?

Is there an event team and will your key contact be there on the day?

Do the team show an interest in your event and do you think you could work with them?

What time is their bar licensed until? Can you pay for an extended license? Are there added costs for staffing?

Are there any noise restrictions at the venue? What’s the curfew for music?

What are the venue’s policies on refunds in case of cancellation or damage?

Does the venue have on-site catering and, if so, what are the menus? Are outside caterers allowed and is there a surcharge for this?

What styling is possible at the venue?

Are there any restrictions exist e.g. red wine, high heels, live music

How is the space wired for audio visual equipment and what equipment is available?

What kind of security personnel and equipment does the venue provide for its guests?

Here at Evolve Events we work with some of the most prestigious and unusual venues available. If you’d like to know more about venue hire options or help to with viewing venues just get in touch with the Evolve Events team today.

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