The Event Prescription

A holistic remedy to get your celebratory events feeling fantastic

Creating the formula for a perfect event starts by understanding what you want. But with endless creative possibilities, knowing where to start can be a challenge for you.

Our unique Events Prescription approach helps guide your thinking, ensuring we’re asking the right questions to diagnose your needs and provide the best remedies to get your events looking and feeling out of this world.

How does it work?

We explore four areas; heart, mind, voice and body to make sure nothing gets forgotten along the way.
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  • Who you are and what you stand for
  • Why you’re holding this event and why it’s important to you and your guests
  • What you want your guests to think, feel and do
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  • What will make your event ‘feel’ like you
  • What personal touches are needed to help you tell your story
  • What do you want the key messages and take-aways to be
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  • Exploring your mindset and that of your guests
  • What format do you want your event to take
  • The practical things your event needs
  • Who’s going to be responsible for what and when
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  • What do you want your event to look like
  • What’s needed to create connections and meaningful experiences
  • How to keep your event alive after it finishes

With over 20 years of experience planning and running events, we’ve got a strong gut feeling about knowing what’ll work for you and what won’t, but we don’t ever assume.

That’s why we always start your briefing process with our Event Prescription, and then we help you visualise it, making sure you’re fully on board with our vision before we move ahead.

Happy Clients

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We’ve partnered with Evolve for both our daughter’s Bat Mitzvahs, experiencing their consummate professionalism, originality and attention to detail. It was difficult to manage 13 year old girls but Gary and his team did this perfectly and with great humour and tactfulness.

The Bat Mitzvah days went incredibly smoothly and we were both able to enjoy the celebrations, confident that the meticulous preparation meant everything was under control and we were able to relax and enjoy the parties from beginning to end. We could not recommend Evolve more highly.

Lord & Lady Leigh of Hurley