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Planning a successful company away day: the key to enhanced company culture and team building

Summer Company Away Day

In today’s increasingly remote and hybrid working environments, hosting a successful Company Away Day has never been more crucial.

Away days and team-building events are vital for building company culture, strengthening team bonds and enhancing employee engagement. That was true even before the shift to remote and hybrid working. Now, they may represent one of the very few opportunities for the whole team to get together in-person so they are vital. Here’s our guide for making them go with a bang.

Underlining the importance of Away Days in the age of remote working

Away Days offer a unique opportunity to bring together your remote and hybrid teams. In an era where face-to-face interactions may be less frequent in your workplace, these events provide an important opportunity for personal connections and shared experiences, reinforcing a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Away Days are now essential for maintaining and enhancing a company culture which can be diluted in remote settings.

Planning: the foundation of a successful company Away Day

Planning a successful company Away Day can really boost your team dynamics and the overall company morale. Key things to think about in the planning stage should be:

  • Selecting the right venue: Choose a location that ties-in with your company’s culture and is easily accessible for all team members. Consider using the outdoors for a change of scenery and a really fresh perspective away from screens.
  • Activities that foster team building and culture The heart of a successful company Away Day lies in the activities you plan. Think about those that not only promote teamwork and creativity but allow for some one-to-one moments too, these can build a deeper understanding between colleagues who may have only connected so far on screens.
  • Collaborative workshops: Workshops focused on team-working tasks can really build your team’s sense of togetherness. These can range from problem-solving exercises to creative brainstorming sessions on the company’s mission and values.
  • Fun stuff: Integrating fun activities can break down barriers and encourage more informal networking between team members. So think about things like 5-a-side football, group hikes or art-based activities. The team may enjoy these so much they decide to carry them on, forming a company sports team perhaps that will keep bringing them together outside the working day.

Focusing on personal development

Away Days shouldn’t just be about wider team building; they can also be as a platform for personal growth so include some professional development sessions. These could could involve guest speakers, industry experts or even some of your internal leaders sharing their insights and experiences, or their personal career story.

Maximising engagement and interaction

The key to planning a successful company Away Day is ensuring participation from all attendees. Incorporate interactive elements such as Q&A sessions, live polls and group discussions to keep the engagement levels high. Keep asking for feedback and be flexible on the day if an activity isn’t resonating so you can move quickly onto something else.

Ensuring a lasting impact

The impact of an Away Day should extend beyond the event itself. Plan follow-up activities (like that company sports team perhaps) or projects that build on your Away Day’s learnings and experiences. Collect feedback again after the event, to understand what worked and what could be improved. This will help in making future Away Days even more effective and meaningful.

A successful company Away Day is a strategic tool for strengthening remote and hybrid teams

A well-planned Company Away Day is a powerful tool in your remote and hybrid work environment. It plays a increasingly critical role in reinforcing company culture, fostering team spirit, and promoting personal and professional growth. By focusing on careful planning, engaging activities, personal development, and maximising interaction, you can ensure that your Away Day is not just a fun day out of the office, but a memorable and meaningful experience that contributes significantly to your team’s success and morale.

For more ideas, or for information about hosting away days and team-building events don’t hesitate to contact the Evolve Events team. We possess the experience and local knowledge to assist you with venue finding, activities and logistics to create unforgettable experiences.

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