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Organising the office Christmas party

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Are you in charge of organising the office Christmas party? Worried about what could go wrong? Here are our top 5 common problems & how to avoid them.



  • Make sure you knowing the venue and its terms. For example, it would be a disaster to discover that live music is not allowed or that it has to be stopped at midnight.


  • Timings are essential with parties. You need to make sure you manage alcohol consumption, that food is served promptly and that generally you don’t peak too early.


  • Take responsibility for your guests. Remember that on the day you have a duty of care for your staff and guests, and that includes making sure they get home safely.


  • Match the venue, the theming and the entertainment to your audience. This is all about knowing your guests; and what’s appropriate! Get it wrong and you will have a total nightmare on your hands.


  • Decide on who attends; partners and clients will change the dynamic of your event completely. The most successful events are more often than not staff-only ones, where everyone feels they are able to take the opportunity to let their hair down.


At Evolve we talk and plan for Christmas all year round to ensure we have access to the best venues, packages and nights and we offer bespoke solutions & venue finding.


Our free consultancy services are perfect for helping you plan your Christmas party and include an initial meeting to discuss your brief, recommendation of venues, accompanying you on site visits and negotiation of costs with suppliers.


We can also help you find the best venue to host your Christmas party at as well as offering our own party package at Kent House Knightsbridge.


You can find out more about our Christmas party services here.