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Introducing the key office Christmas party trends for 2024

Office Christmas parties are changing, reflecting changes in our working habits and societal trends.

Event planners know it’s never too early to be thinking about the festive season. The landscape of office Christmas parties is evolving, reflecting changes in our work culture that we’re all aware of. Event planners and organisers need to think about designing and hosting celebrations that align with our post-Covid, cost-of-living-crisis, workplace. In 2024 the trends are all about inclusivity, flexibility, and a sense of purpose. From the rise of Wednesday night gatherings to daytime events, a full range of no-lo options and charitable initiatives, these are just four of the trends reshaping how companies approach their annual celebrations.

The rise of the Wednesday night

In the age of remote and hybrid working, Wednesday is becoming the new Thursday as the prime day for office Christmas get togethers. As most employees are in the office mid-week, an event on a Wednesday night provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to come together but still be able to swap stories and carry out the traditional party post-mortem around the water cooler on Thursday. Celebrating on the usual Thursday now means teams miss out on those important post-event moments, as Friday is inevitably the day everyone works from home.

Daytime events are a new way to party

Daytime events are becoming increasingly popular for office Christmas parties. After a couple of years where late-night events may have lost their charm due to travel issues getting home after or family commitments, daytime celebrations offer a positive alternative. A party during the day allows your team to engage in your festive celebrations without impacting their evening plans or family time. From festive brunches to afternoon teas, daytime events offer a more relaxed and inclusive setting, appealing to a broader range of employees.

Creative no-lo options

Reflecting a broader shift towards healthier lifestyles and inclusivity, the demand for no/low alcohol drink options is more pronounced in 2024 than ever. Younger generations are drinking less and there is a growing acknowledgment of multi-faith workforces with team members who may not drink for religious reasons. A couple of cans of soft drink will no longer cut it. Innovative and exciting non-alcoholic drink options are now a must-have at office Christmas parties. The trend highlights the perennial importance of catering to all preferences, ensuring that everyone feels included and can fully enjoy the event.

Charitable initiatives: celebrating with a cause

In light of the current economic climate, companies are increasingly mindful of the optics of extravagant office parties and how that may look – not only to press commentators but also to their own teams. There’s a growing trend to incorporate charitable initiatives into Christmas celebrations to inject them with some wider meaning and purpose. This can range from fundraising activities, partnering with local charities, to volunteering opportunities for employees. Integrating charitable elements not only enhances the company image but also adds a layer of meaning and purpose to the event. It’s a way for organisations to give back to the community while celebrating, aligning after all with the real spirit of the season.

Office Christmas party trends in 2024 showcase a cultural shift towards more thoughtful, inclusive, and responsible celebrations. The move to mid-week, daytime events, consideration for diverse preferences in drinking, and a focus on charitable giving are all reflective of the shift in how we now work, socialise, and celebrate. For event planners and organisers, the challenge is to embrace these trends and how to do it creatively in a Christmas party venue that resonates with the new shift, ensuring that the office Christmas party not only keeps its place in the calendar as the highlight of the year, but is also one that reflects with the values and lifestyles of today’s workplace.

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