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9 Tips for Unforgettable Office Christmas Party Entertainment

Unforgettable Office Christmas Party Entertainment

You’ve secured the venue of your dreams for your company Christmas party, so now it’s time to bring it to life; after all, what’s Christmas without the sparkle?

Alongside the styling and catering, entertainment plays a key role in creating festivities that ensure your office Christmas party is engaging and memorable. It’s rare that people forget things that make them happy, which is why live entertainment is a great tool for ensuring your party is unforgettable.

A great Christmas party takes guests on a journey of wonder, capturing the joy of Christmas with elements of surprise and delight. It brings everyone together through lots of touch points that ignite the imagination and get people talking. All these little moments add up to memories that stay with you long after the party, shared and retold with others.

So where do you start?

Be strategic with your choices. What are the goals of your Christmas party? Of course, you want to celebrate your staff and their achievements over the year, but what else? Do you want to bring a remote workforce together? Try an interactive act, like a roaming spontaneous poet. Do you want to inspire staff for the upcoming year? Consider an awe-inspiring circus act. For practical requirements, if you have a large venue, consider ‘human signage’ characters who engage with guests throughout the night.

We recommend staggering your entertainment throughout the evening. Musicians playing background music as guests arrive create a warm welcome, while a wandering entertainer like a magician can be a great ice-breaker. Finishing with a big performance ensures the evening ends on a high.

A well-planned Christmas party will keep everyone engaged throughout the night, adjusting the entertainment to help guests mingle and providing fun activities or spectacles for them to enjoy. Whether you opt for a high-impact live performance or a fully immersive experience, it’s the entertainment that brings the party to life. Think about how it can be used as a key component in the design and structure of your event.

By carefully planning and strategically incorporating entertainment, you can create an office Christmas party that not only meets but exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting impression on all your guests.

Here are nine tips to ensure your Christmas party is unforgettable through the power of entertainment:

  1. Tailor Entertainment to Your Event Consider the goals of your Christmas event when selecting entertainment. Whether aiming for a WOW factor at a big corporate Christmas bash or a personal touch at a smaller intimate festive gathering, the right entertainment can make a significant difference. A high-impact live performance, like a Christmas choir or a Christmas-themed dance troupe, might suit a grand finale, while a roaming magician dressed as Santa’s helper can break the ice at a relaxed gathering.
  2. Create Memorable Moments with Live Entertainment Nothing beats the atmosphere of a live band, bringing a unique energy to your party that feeds off the excitement of your guests and packs the dance floor. If there are venue restrictions, you can achieve a similar effect by hiring a smaller acoustic band. They provide the joys of live music without taking up too much space and can be tailored to suit the ambiance you desire—from soothing string quartets and vibrant steel drum ensembles to wandering solo musicians.
  3. Engage Your Guests Today’s guests want to interact, not just attend. Acts that engage the audience, whether through interactive elements or shared experiences, are a great start. With 72% of millennials preferring experiences over material things, incorporating interactive entertainment can enhance your event. Consider options like a roaming magician who can perform up-close tricks, a spontaneous poet who creates personalised poems for guests, or a caricaturist who draws fun portraits on the spot. You can even include interactive festive workshops before the main party, such as wreath-making or cocktail classes as mini-team building activities, to get everyone involved and connected.
  4. Surprise and Delight Keep guests engaged with wandering entertainment acts who can captivate small groups with their storytelling. Silhouette artists create unique keepsakes on the spot, while strongmen perform impressive feats of strength, and fortune tellers provide intriguing and fun readings. Tailor it to suit the theme or style of Christmas party. For an extra element of surprise, consider acts that aren’t what they seem; like bouncers who suddenly break into a choreographed dance routine or waiters who reveal themselves as opera singers. Disperse these acts throughout the venue to create moments of surprise and delight, maintaining interest and engagement throughout the event.
  5. Incorporate Technology Leverage the latest technological advancements to enhance your Christmas party experience. Consider interactive digital walls that display festive animations or allow guests to create their own personalised Christmas-themed designs. Ditch the traditional photobooth and instead opt for immersive 360-degree photo booths that capture movement and unique angles, or AR photobooths featuring digital overlays and effects for a modern twist. Alternatively, introduce a glam-bot photobooth that captures moments in slow motion, adding a touch of drama and glamour to your event. For those looking to introduce some friendly competition, how about Christmas-themed gaming stations where guests can participate in festive challenges or trivia?
  6. Host at an Immersive Venue Consider hosting your Christmas party at an immersive venue that specialises in team-building activities. These venues often feature themed environments that transport guests into a winter wonderland or holiday fantasy, complete with interactive challenges and games designed to promote teamwork and engagement. Such venues can turn your Christmas event into a fully immersive experience that fosters team spirit among your guests.
  7. Create a Lasting Impact OK, so obviously no one wants the office Christmas party to feel too formal (long speeches from the MD are definitely out). But there’s a smart way to incorporate messaging without dampening the festive spirit. Whether it’s subtle logos on costumes or thematic performances that align with your company values, integrating your brand into the entertainment can leave a lasting impression and ensure your guests depart with positive memories of the company they work for and a compelling story to share long after the evening end.

For more ideas on Christmas entertainment, or help on planning your office Christmas party, from venue finding, planning and styling, don’t hesitate to contact our award winning team. We have the experience and expertise to assist you and create an unforgettable celebration.

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