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Top Tips on how to organise the best Bar Mitzvah party

How to organise the best Bar Mitzvah party

Pretty much all Jewish children grow up hoping for a Bat or Bar Mitzvah party to celebrate their coming of age. However, that’s about all each one has in common as every single family wants their celebration to be different.

Over the last 20 years we’ve planned and produced Bat and Bar Mitzvah parties in all shapes and sizes, themes and budgets at all sorts of venues so we’ve put together some hand tips that you might appreciate if you’ve just found yourself in change or organising your child’s party.

Evolve’s essential guide to organising a Bat or Bar Mitzvah

Guest numbers

You want to invite all the family and they want to invite all their friends so it’s hard to agree numbers at the beginning. However it’s important to start off with an estimate so you can start to source the right size venue and set an approximate budget. Create an interim guest list to get you going – you can always argue about who’s on it later!

The Venue

Visit as many venues as you can to help you get a good gauge of what feels right. Think about what matters to you most beforehand so you can appraise the service you receive from each venue and take a few photographs to help remind you what you liked about each one. 

You may want to choose a venue that can accommodate your numbers for both the reception and the dinner/dance. Check that you can bring in your own suppliers, especially if you are planning kosher catering.

Save The Date

Choose the date and let key family and friends know quickly to avoid date clashes. Some families have their parties on the same day as the ceremony, some the next day and others wait until the following week. It’s therefore important to be clear about which part of the celebrations you are inviting them to and how many dates they need to reserve.  

Venues (and guests) can be booked at least a year in advance so it pays to be organised.


Know your budget parameters and how you wish to allocate your money across the venue, food & drink, styling and entertainment. Most parties tend to be split with 15% on the venue, 40% food, 25% styling and 20% on entertainment.

Being clear about how much money you want to spend can not only help manage your child’s expectations but also stop budget creep happening as you fall in love with all of your suppliers ideas.

The theme

Some people wait until they have found the ideal venue and then plan a theme around it. Our recommendation is that having a preferred creative angle can help narrow the search.

Think about your child’s personality to help find a theme that best represents them and involve them in the selection. They may want a more contemporary theme than you had initially considered.  Movie and pop stars have been very popular in recent years. Be aware that at this age children’s likes and dislikes can change quickly so make sure it’s something they’re still going to enjoy when the Bar Mitzvah celebration takes places.


Arguably the most essential part of the process – people will talk about it forever so make sure it’s for the right reasons! Arrange a food tasting with your caterer and remember to satisfy everyone’s palate not just your own. Don’t forget to think about what your child and their friends would like – teenage tastes are pretty sophisticated these days. Challenge your caterers to be creative by adding a few quirky touches linked to your theme. Have your caterer or planner draw up the party schedule so that you are in agreement with the timings.


In your child’s mind, this is the most important part of the day – keep an eye on the latest trends and try to be different as your child will want their party to stand out, but don’t forget a nod to tradition to keep everyone happy; we can’t imagine a Bat or Bar Mitzvah without The Hora! Your final selection must represent your child’s interests and reflect the theme. Don’t forget the DJ – they play a crucial part in setting the pace of the evening. Speak to them and find out their music recommendations, especially if you are having Israeli dancing. Get organised in advance by finding out what songs are ‘must plays’ to avoid disappointment on the night.


This is the fun part where you can go all out and put your personal touches on the event. If you’re not going for a full theme, what about other ways to help your party stand out?  Sometimes it’s the most simple things that are the most effective, such as use of colour. Think about how you can style each part of the guest experience, starting with the invitations to get everyone in the mood. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration. Try having a look at our boards to get you started.

Photographs and Videos

Make sure key celebration moments are captured, including speeches and guests arriving. You may only get one chance, so avoid relying on a friend or family relative who may miss key moments.  Appoint a dedicated professional who will document every part of the day and evening. Make sure you brief them on key members of the family in advance.  Photobooths continue to be popular for informal images and we particularly like the multi-themed film concepts for flexibility.

Avoid Last Minute Panics

Ensure you deliver everything you need ahead of the event including table plans, name places and party favours. That way you can avoid worries or distractions on the day. Checklists are your friend as they will help ensure you have every detail covered.

And lastly, find time to enjoy yourself. Celebrations can pass by in a flash when you’ve spent months preparing for them so put your trust in your suppliers and let them take the responsibility of running the event.

Evolve Events team have many years’ experience in organising Jewish celebrations. Our Bar Mitzvah services including venue sourcing and management along with event co-ordination. You will have a dedicated events manager who will work with you to help you plan your event, taking the stress away and enabling you to enjoy the occasion. We will make sure you have everything in place at the venue as well as being there on the big day itself, making sure that everything runs seamlessly.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you organise a bat or bar mitzvah party then please get in touch with Gary and the team and we can chat through your requirements.

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