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Hosting a company summer party with a festival vibe

Your guide to hosting a company summer party with a festival vibe

A company summer party with a festival vibe is a refreshing escape. It’s an opportunity to step outside the box and create an event that is as unique and dynamic as your team.

Embracing the festival theme

The essence of a festival is its spirit. Start by choosing a venue that allows for openness and flexibility – perhaps an outdoor space with sprawling lawns or an urban location with a mix of indoor and outdoor areas. The key is to create an environment that feels completely removed from the everyday office setting, a place where the team can let their hair down and enjoy.

Crafting ‘glimmers’ of joy

In festival terminology, ‘glimmers’ are those small, magical moments that leave a profound impact. These can be anything from impromptu acoustic performances tucked away in a garden corner to interactive art installations that invite curiosity and conversation. The idea is to create little pockets of joy and delight throughout your event space, encouraging exploration and wonder.

Innovative entertainment

A festival-themed corporate party calls for entertainment that is unusual and varied. Think beyond the traditional DJ or band setup. Live bands with different music styles can create a diverse musical landscape. Include interactive performances like magicians, fire dancers, or living statues. Workshops such as drum circles, silent discos or dance classes can add an alternative element, encouraging participation and bonding over a shared experience among the guests.

Creative catering: a feast for the senses

Move away from the standard sit-down meal, or even buffet, and consider food options that are a feast for the senses. Food trucks offering a variety of cuisines can line the venue, creating a ‘food market’ festival feel. Interactive food stations where guests can customise their dishes add an element of fun and engagement. Consider incorporating unexpected food elements – edible flowers, molecular gastronomy, or dishes that change colour or are not what they first appear to be. The goal is to make the food experience an integral, memorable part of the event.

Micro happenings in unexpected places

Part of the festival charm is the sense of discovery. Organise micro happenings in unusual places for guests to stumble upon – a jazz trio in a hidden garden, a cocktail mixology class in a tucked-away room, or a pop-up comedy show in a small pavilion. Spontaneous ‘secret’ happenings keep the energy dynamic and encourage guests to explore and experience the full breadth of the festival.

Let your guests dictate the pace

A well-planned festival-themed company summer party should have a natural flow, allowing guests to experience the event entirely at their own pace. Create different zones – a chill-out area with comfortable seating and a relaxed vibe, a dance area with upbeat music, and quieter spots for conversations among people who may not have got together face-to-face for a while. A layout like this ensures that there’s something for everyone, whether they want to dance the night away or enjoy a quiet chat with colleagues.

Summer party as discovery

Turn the summer party into a discovery experience. Each area of the event can have its own theme or activity, offering guests a variety of experiences as they move through the space. From a mini wellness retreat offering yoga and mindfulness sessions to a high-energy dance floor with live DJ sets, the party becomes a journey of discovery.

Creating a company summer party with a festival vibe is about thinking outside the conventional event planning box. It’s an opportunity to bring the unexpected to life, to blend relaxation with excitement, and to build an event that’s as unique and personalised as your team. Through careful planning, creative ideas, and an eye for the quirky and extraordinary, you can craft an event that not only celebrates the summer season but also strengthens the bond within the team. Remember, the goal is to create an experience – a festival feast – that leaves your team feeling valued, connected, and joyfully surprised.

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