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The enduring allure of Gatsby-themed events

Gatsby themed events and Christmas parties

Still Roaring: why the 1920s and Gatsby-themed events continue to compel

Nearly a century has passed since F. Scott Fitzgerald published “The Great Gatsby,” yet its allure remains, especially as a theme for Christmas parties. The novel offers guests a chance to step back into the 1920s and revel in the glamour of the Jazz Age.

There are five key reasons why this decadent decade, capturing in the Great Gatsby, makes an ideal theme for events:

A Stunning Party Venue A decadent setting that guests want to party at is essential. Gatsby’s legendary parties were set in a Gold Coast mansion on Long Island, a home that would cost over £70 million today. For Christmas 2024, we’re bringing Gatsby’s Mansion to life at Kent House Knightsbridge, a private townhouse that once belonged to British Royalty. As you enter this grand venue, adorned with projections and bold colour washes, a red carpet awaits, inviting you into a world of enchantment. Our Marble Hall, sweeping red staircase and Sanctuary rooms, embellished in the lavish hues of midnight blue and gold will capture the Jazz Age and create a lasting impression.

Lavish Parties The Jazz Age was marked by opulence, with extravagant parties, illegal liquor, and a newfound sense of liberation. At Kent House Knightsbridge, choose from over 20 performers in exquisite costumes, offering extraordinary storytelling and performances to entertain and engage your guests. Gatsby’s multi-skilled acts perform up-close and personal, around and above you. Opt for a live jazz band playing Gatsby-era jazz standards and festive tunes, surprise guests with elegantly dressed singers, or delight with a magician performing sophisticated illusions, adding an air of mystery.

Speakeasies Flourished Prohibition in the 1920s led to the rise of speakeasies and illegal drinking establishments, fuelling wild parties with homemade “bathtub gin.” While we won’t be breaking any laws, our cocktails and bespoke bar waiting to be discovered upstairs at Kent House Knightsbridge will give a nod to the secretive allure of the era.

Razzle Dazzle Fashion By 1925, flappers with bobbed hair, shorter skirts and men in three-piece suits were the epitome of style. The post-war era was one of the first when the average consumer could afford flashy clothing and accessories. For our Gatsby Grand Winter Ball we encourage guests to embrace the era’s look by dressing the part, adding to the event’s immersive experience.

Tales of the Jazz Age F. Scott Fitzgerald is closely linked to jazz, even coining the term “Jazz Age.” The era’s fast and furious music featured multi-instrument ensembles that made everyone want to dance the Charleston. Our Gatsby Christmas party offers a range of music options, from live swing bands and vintage jazz singers during arrival and cocktail hour to a DJ playing modern hits in a jazzy style later in the evening. We can even arrange vintage-style dance lessons to get everyone moving.

Great Gatsby themed events feature extravagance, style, and timeless music so no wonder they continue to make the perfect inspiration for creating a memorable and immersive Christmas party. The novel captures a world of opulence and decadence that we look forward to bringing to life at Kent House Knightsbridge in 2024. The allure of the Jazz Age, with its sense of liberation and rebellion, invites guests to escape the ordinary and immerse themselves in an era defined by its glamour and excitement. This timeless fascination ensures that our Gatsby-themed Christmas party will deliver a captivating and unforgettable experience for guests.

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