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Arctic Adventures: Svalbard – A Sustainable Incentive Trip Destination

sustainable incentive trip to Svalbard

Embark on an extraordinary arctic explorer adventure: from Oslo to Svalbard, one of the most remote destinations in the World

Are you looking for an extraordinary and sustainable incentive trip idea? Look no further than Svalbard, a remote Arctic destination that will leave your attendees in awe. Nestled between the polar night and the midnight sun, Svalbard offers captivating landscapes and a strong commitment to sustainability. Start your journey at Svalbard Airport, which is transitioning to solar power with 428 SunPower solar panels adorning its façade. These panels harness the power of endless summer days to illuminate even the darkest winter nights.

But Svalbard is more than just a stunning backdrop. It’s a testament to the transformation from an industrial mining hub to a beacon of research and sustainable practices in the Arctic. Marvel at crashing waves along the Norwegian coastline, witness arctic foxes and reindeer roaming freely, and be captivated by striking glaciers. Treat your attendees to Arctic beer, brewed with the purest water sourced from 2000-year-old glaciers. Explore the fascinating global seed bank, a storage facility built to withstand any disaster.

Thrilling activities await in Svalbard’s wild nature, including snowmobile safaris, quad biking, foot hiking and dog sledding expeditions. Take a unique journey underground to discover the historical world of black gold mining. After an unforgettable day, unwind at Funken Lodge, a boutique hotel with 88 rooms offering breathtaking views of Longyearbyen and nearby glaciers. The lodge provides the ideal setting for meetings, team building activities, or kick-offs, allowing you to blend relaxation with productivity. Don’t miss the Champagne cellar for tastings and the delightful dining experience at Funktion Aermessen.

An incentive trip to Svalbard is an extraordinary opportunity for event planners seeking breathtaking natural beauty, sustainable practices, and thrilling adventures. Create memories that will last a lifetime while immersing your attendees in a truly unique and eco-friendly Arctic experience.

How To Get There

  • Direct flights to Oslo, Norway’s main hub from more than 100 international destinations
  • Alternatively take the Eurostar to Brussels, then to Copenhagen by train and Copenhagen to Oslo. Or take the Eurostar to Amsterdam and then the overnight ferry to Norway. One other option is take a train to Kiel in Germany, then the ferry to Oslo, sailing up Oslo Fjord and experiencing great scenery on the way.

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