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Norway’s Green Getaways: 8 Sustainable Incentive Trips for Event Planners

sustainable incentive trip ideas in Norway

Norway: where sustainability & adventure converge – discover 8 destinations for your perfect sustainable incentive trip

Are you an event planner seeking a destination that not only offers breathtaking landscapes but also embodies a deep commitment to sustainability? Look no further than Norway, a country renowned for its pristine natural beauty, progressive environmental practices, and dedication to responsible tourism. From vibrant cities to remote Arctic wilderness, Norway offers a diverse range of experiences that align with sustainable values while providing unforgettable adventures.

In this article, we present you with 8 exceptional ideas for sustainable incentive trips across Norway’s most captivating destinations. Each location showcases unique eco-friendly accommodations, exciting activities, and a chance to immerse yourself in the natural and cultural wonders that define Norway. Whether you’re seeking urban exploration, wildlife encounters, or serene nature retreats, Norway has it all.

Join us as we delve into the sustainable delights of Oslo, Tromso, Romsdalen, Kirkenes, Bodo, the Lofoten Islands, Bergen, and Svalbard. Get ready to discover a land where eco-consciousness meets adventure, and responsible travel becomes an extraordinary journey.

1. Oslo: Eco-Friendly Urban Exploration

Experience the perfect blend of urban culture and environmental consciousness in Oslo, the vibrant Norwegian capital. This bustling city offers a plethora of cultural delights, including architectural marvels, world-class museums like the National Museum and the Munch Museum, and so much more.

Recommended Hotel: The Thief Hotel

Known for its sustainable practices and stunning waterfront location, The Thief Hotel is the ideal base for your eco-friendly stay in Oslo.

Activities: Explore the city’s attractions, such as the iconic Oslo Opera House, where you can walk on the roof for breathtaking views or the new Munch museum with its topfloor restaurant and cocktail bar . Discover the unique sculptures in Vigeland Park and stroll through the redeveloped industrial Barcode District taking in its striking architecture that embraces light. Don’t miss the chance to take a boat tour and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Oslo Fjord with cold swimming and floating saunas.

2. Tromso: Northern Lights Adventure

Embark on an extraordinary adventure in Tromso, known as the gateway to the Arctic. This enchanting destination offers unforgettable experiences, from chasing the mesmerising Northern Lights to encountering majestic whales and experiencing the thrill of dog sledding.

Recommended Hotel: Clarion Hotel The Edge

Indulge in comfort and eco-conscious hospitality at Clarion Hotel The Edge. This modern, eco-certified hotel is situated right on the water’s edge and provides stunning views of the Arctic Cathedral as well as Tromso’s largest conference room with space for up to 1,000.

Activities: Join a Northern Lights safari and witness the dancing colours in the Arctic sky. Feel the exhilaration of gliding through the snow on a dog sled and explore Tromso’s charming city center. Dive into Arctic history at the Polar Museum and learn about the expeditions that have ventured into these icy lands.

3. Romsdalen: Nature Retreat and Hiking

Escape to the breathtaking beauty of Romsdalen, a valley in western Norway renowned for its dramatic mountains, cascading waterfalls, and the iconic Trollstigen road.

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Aak

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Romsdalen while enjoying the warm hospitality of Hotel Aak, a family-run boutique eco-hotel nestled amidst stunning mountains and fjords.

Activities: Embark on breathtaking hikes along the iconic Trollstigen and Romsdalseggen trails, offering panoramic views that will leave you in awe. Experience the unique Romsdalen Gondola, a state-of-the-art electric cable car that takes you 1679 metres up the mounstain side from the fjord. This is Norway’s first gondola built on sustainable principles. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a scenic train journey on the Raumabanen Railway, named Europe’s most beautiful railway line, a 1 hour and 40 minute journey that takes you from wild mountains to beautiful fjords.

4. Kirkenes: Arctic Wildlife Safari

Venture to Kirkenes in the far northeastern part of Norway; the ultimate base for Arctic adventures, where you can embark on thrilling activities such as king crab safaris, snowmobile excursions, and husky sledding.

Recommended Hotel: Scandic Kirkenes

Stay at centrally located Scandic Kirkenes, an eco-friendly hotel that offers comfortable accommodations and easy access to Arctic wonders.

Activities: Immerse yourself in an Arctic wildlife safari and encounter mesmerising creatures that call this region home. Experience the thrill of dog sledding and spend a night in an ice room at the Snowhotel. Explore the Russian border area and learn about the fascinating Sami culture that thrives in the Arctic.

5. Bodo: Coastal Excursions and Midnight Sun

In 2024, Bodo will proudly become the first destination above the Arctic Circle to be awarded European Capital of Culture, making it an exciting place to experience the stunning coast and the enchanting phenomenon of the Midnight Sun.

Recommended Hotel: Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodo

Stay at the eco-conscious Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodo, conveniently located near the city center and committed to sustainability initiatives. Alternatively, the brand new sustainable hotel made entirely of wood, WOOD, is opening in Spring 2024, consisting of 145 rooms all with spectacular views over Bodo and a unique location on the mountain.

Activities: Embark on unforgettable boat trips along the beautiful Kystriksveien coastal route, where you can witness the rugged beauty of the Norwegian coast and described by National Geographic as one of the most scenic drives in the world.. Experience the magical Midnight Sun, where the sun never sets, casting an ethereal glow over the landscape. Visit Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest tidal current, and witness the raw power of nature.

6. Lofoten Islands: Sustainable Fishing Experience

Immerse yourself in the authentic coastal culture of the Lofoten Islands on a sustainable incentive trip, supporting local communities and sustainable fishing practices.

Recommended Hotel: Henningsvaer Bryggehotell

Indulge in the warm hospitality of Henningsvaer Bryggehotell, a boutique hotel on the quay with a focus on sustainable seafood and local craftsmanship and views of the harbour and ocean.

Activities: Learn traditional fishing techniques and be a part of the local fishing community. Fish in the summer or challenge yourself to experience authentic cod fishing. Explore charming fishing villages dotted along the coast and hike along scenic trails that offer breathtaking views of the dramatic mountains and picturesque beaches.

7. Bergen: Fjord Cruises and Cultural Delights

Discover the historic city of Bergen, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its iconic quayside, Bryggen, and its perfect blend of nature, culture, and urban life.

Recommended Hotel: Magic Hotel Xhibition

Stay at Magic Hotel Xhibition, a centrally located hotel that blends contemporary design with several bars., nightclubs and dining facilities all located in the same building.

Activities: Explore the UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf, where you can wander through the narrow alleyways lined with traditional wooden buildings. Embark on a sustainable fjord cruise, where you can glide in near silence witnessing the majesty of the surrounding landscapes. Visit the Troldhaugen Museum, dedicated to the renowned composer Edvard Grieg, and immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of Bergen with a private concert and tour.

8. Svalbard: Arctic Expedition and Wildlife Encounters

Unleash your spirit of adventure and uncover the wonders of the Arctic on a thrilling expedition to Svalbard, a remote region known for its awe-inspiring landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Recommended Hotel: Basecamp Hotel

Experience a unique accommodation inspired by traditional trappers’ huts at Basecamp Hotel, a traditional trappers lodge style property in this frozen wilderness.

Activities: Participate in an Arctic expedition, where you can journey through the pristine icy landscapes, encounter magnificent polar bears and other Arctic wildlife, and explore captivating ice caves. Visit the Global Seed Vault, a crucial facility that preserves the world’s plant biodiversity for future generations.

How To Get There

  • Direct flights to Oslo, Norway’s main hub from more than 100 international destinations
  • Alternatively take the Eurostar to Brussels, then to Copenhagen by train and Copenhagen to Oslo. Or take the Eurostar to Amsterdam and then the overnight ferry to Norway. One other option is take a train to Kiel in Germany, then the ferry to Oslo, sailing up Oslo Fjord and experiencing great scenery on the way.

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