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Evolve’s Creative Director named Event Influencer of the Year 2024

Anna Peters Event Influencer Award 2024

From influence to action – Evolve Events Creative Director, Anna Peters, named Events Influencer of the Year 2024 

We’re thrilled to announce the latest accolade for our Creative Director, Anna Peters, who has been awarded the prestigious title of Events Influencer of the Year at the Conference News Awards 2024. It’s a remarkable achievement, especially considering it’s her second consecutive win!

Anna’s journey from influence to action began with a commitment to championing the industry and fostering best practices. Recognising the urgency of addressing climate change, she decided to leverage her platform to champion sustainable travel; a cause close to her heart.

With a staggering 78% of event emissions attributed to travel, Anna advocates for a shift towards eco-conscious transportation. By highlighting the significant environmental benefits of train travel over flying, she has not only raised awareness but also inspired tangible change within the industry.

Leading by example, Anna has partnered with Eurostar and the London Convention Bureau to promote train travel to various European industry events. Her efforts have not only earned her recognition as a Power Green Champion 2023 but also secured her a spot among the 50 Most Influential People in the UK Event Industry in 2023.

At Evolve, we’re proud to follow Anna’s lead in embracing sustainability. From offering train travel options to our clients to joining Climate Perks and providing flight-free travel incentives for our employees, we’re committed to making a positive impact.

Anna’s dedication extends beyond environmental advocacy. She actively shares her knowledge with clients and industry peer through our newsletter and regular breakfast briefings, mentoring aspiring professionals through Fast Forward 15 and empowering voices within the events community.

We’re super proud to have Anna as our Creative Director, whose influence transcends our agency to inspire a more sustainable, collaborative, and impactful future for the entire events industry.

Interested in learning more about integrating slow travel into your events? Reach out to the Evolve Events team today to start a conversation about creating memorable and sustainable experiences. And if you’re looking for some inspiration then discover some of our favourite sustainable destinations for events. Together, let’s shape the future of events.

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