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60 Second Interview with Wow Grass

When we wanted to create the feel of a forest inside Kent House Knightsbridge we turned to Wow Grass to help us and asked them to line the floor – and the bar – with real grass. The transformation was remarkable. Guests couldn’t get over the feel of walking on fresh grass and the whole venue smelt wonderful too.  

We worked with Wow Grass to create a moody dark forest theme for our Wonderland event but we’re already picturing other ways they could help us bring your events to life and think they would be perfect for creating a Festival Vibe over the summer.


Wow Grass Wonderland with Evolve Events

 Wanting to know a bit more about this Yorkshire based company we had a chat with their Development Manager, Caroline Littler, and got her to spill the beans on what it’s like working at this innovative company. Find out more about Wow Grass in our 60 Second Interview:

Caroline Littler Wow Grass

Can you describe your company in three words for those that don’t know you:

It’s hard to sum it up in just three words! I think our brand values say it best: We are enthusiastic, genuine, versatile, unique, innovative and reliable.

Wow Grass Trafalgar Square real grass experiential marketing London

How did you get into the industry?

We were asked to provide our soil-free grass for an experiential marketing event in Trafalgar Square where the events agency wanted to create a village green in the heart of the city – our product worked perfectly because there is no soil so there is no mud and no mess. That was back in 2007 and we have rebranded as WowGrass since then.

What are the best and worst things about your job?

The best thing is the sheer variety of enquiries that we get – it can be anything from a dozen 3 foot wide table centres to covering the floor of entire ballrooms – there is no end to the creativity of event professionals and we get to see that every single day. The worst bit is finding parking for vans in central London!

Wow Grass HilcoFest at Sushi Samba indoor festival real grass flooring

What is the best event you ever worked on?

There have been so many highlights but one of the most memorable would have to be the transformation of Sushi Samba restaurant on the 37th Floor of the Heron Tower into an indoor festival for a corporate party. All the restaurant furniture was taken out and we had 6 tonnes of grass to get up in the lift in the early hours of the morning. The result was jaw-dropping. The guests knew they were coming for a party but they had no idea they were going to be dancing the night away on real grass inside. They got all the benefits of a real festival feel but as WowGrass is soil-free there was no mess and no mud – it is also stiletto-proof so partying in high heels was no problem, although many of the guests had their shoes off by the end of the night!

What is the most obscure thing you have covered in grass?

The most obscure thing would have to be a 3D grass lion we created for National Armed Forces Day when it was held in Nottingham.  He was over 3m long and was given the name ‘Fearless’ in a public vote.  He was stunning and was a real highlight of the day for visitors.

Do you have green finger tips and hands that always smell of grass?!

Our hands don’t smell of grass! But the WowGrass does make the venue smell of real grass. It has that summery scent that you remember from childhood. One that makes you think of long lazy days and playing in the park.

Impress us with an amazing grass fact

Did you know that just 58 square metres of grass lawn provides enough oxygen for one person for an entire day!

Wow Grass York Minster rose garden fundraising dinner real grass flooring

The pictures of your grass installation at York Minster are stunning. Can you tell us a bit about this event?

The central space of York Minster was transformed by almost 1,500 square metres of WowGrass for the York Minster Rose Dinner which was attended by 900 guests.  The dinner was held to raise as much money as possible for the conservation and restoration of the spectacular Rose window.  The events team wanted to create the feel of a rose garden inside the Minster.  The soil-free real grass floor created an incredible experience for the guests attending this very special evening.  It also softened the acoustics in this fabulous venue which really enhanced the atmosphere.

With summer coming up what are your tips for using grass at an event?

Using grass at your event is limited only by your imagination. Indoors or outdoors, WowGrass can transform a venue with the impact of real grass but without any mess.  Using WowGrass in a space where you wouldn’t normally expect to see grass can give your event the added ‘wow’ factor, and using soil-free real grass gives it the authenticity that your guests expect. Grass flooring, grass walls, grass furniture, white-lining for sports themed events, grass logos and lettering, grass pathways and aisles, the possibilities are endless…!

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