Interview with Vits+Kicks, fresh juice cocktails with a kick

Interview with Vits+Kicks, fresh juice cocktails with a kick

Thanks to Vits&Kicks you can now mix your vitamin hit with an alcoholic kick to get the healthiest cocktail on the market. Guilt free drinking? That’s our kind of concept!

It’s fair to say that working in the events industry we enjoy a knees up as much as our clients do but we’re also all for a bit of balance which is why we love Vits&Kicks who’ve been popping up everywhere on the events scene this summer serving fresh juice with an alcoholic kick from their mobile bar.  We can see them going down a treat at a variety of events and spoke to Matt Preedy, founder of Vits+Kicks, to find out more.

Vits and Kicks
Vits and Kicks
Vits and Kicks

Can you describe your company in three words?

Fun. Professional. Different.

How did you meet and what sparked the idea for healthy cocktails?

My working career prior to Vits+Kicks was largely spent in hospitality working up from bartending to bar, events and general management. Once I’d made the decision to start my own business it was a case of combining the skillsets developed from my years in hospitality with my personal interest in health and nutrition. At the time I’d just started getting into juicing and my original idea was actually to go down the pure healthy route and create a mobile juice bar with just ‘Vits’ and no ‘Kicks’. Once the penny had dropped that it was a much more interesting idea to introduce my knowledge (and enjoyment) of alcohol and cocktail making into the mix then Vits+Kicks was quickly born.

How can guests incorporate your drinks into their events?

The ethos behind Vits+Kicks, which we try and promote, is ‘balance’ and with our cocktails we combine the elements of both health and fun simultaneously.

All our drinks are prepared from only natural ingredients most of which come in the form of freshly prepped centrifugal combinations juiced on the day to retain as many vitamins, minerals and micronutrients as possible. With this in mind the concept lends itself very well to events related to sport, fitness, health & wellbeing. As soon as the addition of alcohol is put into the mix however, that’s when our unique twist comes into play and the element of fun is attached leaving our concept fit for any type of occasion.

Whether you’re looking to host a party and would like an innovative cocktail selection with a twist or you have a product that is looking for a unique concept to collaborate with on a launch then these are things we have also provided for in the past which have worked well.

With our service you also have the option of a more a more traditional classic back bar offering so if you would be looking to have a combination of ‘normal’ drinks along side our Vits+Kicks selection then that is something we can also happily provide.

I should also mention that if you’re more about the ‘vits’ and aren’t too concerned about the ‘kicks’ then we also provide healthy juice and smoothie mocktail combinations free of any alcohol!


What is the best event you have ever worked for?

It’s hard to say which one is the favourite as they’ve all been enjoyable and different in their own way. One that sticks out which was a lot of fun was a Bat Mitzvah for 150 people we catered for earlier this year which in terms of production was more like a mini festival.

Favourite venue I would say has to be the new US Embassy Gardens on Elms Lane, which is pretty special. The concept behind the venue and the open rooftop area fitted perfectly with the Vits+Kicks ethos and was a great event to be a part of.

Future aspirations for events – The plan next year is to attend as many festivals as possible, which is something we are still yet to do. I feel the concept could really thrive in that environment and also be a lot of fun.

What unusual flavour combinations have you turned into a cocktail?

I think for most people the unusual part is taking a perfectly healthy and nutritious refreshment and combining it with alcohol! Once you get past that and have managed to create the right balance of sweet and sour in the cocktail there aren’t too many of nature’s ingredients you can’t play around with.

Sometimes the name of a cocktail can be just as important as the taste. How do you come up with your imaginative descriptions?

We tend to keep the names light hearted and always with a related twist on the Vits+Kicks name and concept. We also like to tailor the name of one (or all) of the drinks to match the theme of each event and party we do. A touch of sarcasm is usually involved..

We know our clients would love the idea of your cocktail making workshops – what could they expect at one of your master classes?

We keep it as interactive throughout the session as possible so expect your cocktail shaking skills to be called into action at any point. We start by covering the art of juicing and all its healthy benefits followed by a spirit tasting with some of the brands we use for mixing in our drinks. Once we’ve wet the whistles and then covered the basics of traditional cocktail making we dive straight into to mixing up some Vits+Kicks favorites followed by people getting up and creating their own experimental combinations.

The overall aim is to provide people with the tools and confidence to shake up their own ‘healthy cocktails’ the next time they find themselves hosting their own cocktail party. If we also manage to inspire those who don’t already to introduce some form of juicing in their weekly routines then that is a welcome bonus.


Are there any fruits or vegetables that even you would fail to turn into a tasty cocktail?

It’s not technically a fruit or a vegetable but spirulina is a definitely a tough one. It’s super good for you and we have managed to have some success with it in recent drinks but it’s most certainly been the most challenging healthy ingredient I’ve come across so far. As little as possible is my advice!

Have you got a Vits & Kits cocktail recipe you can share with us to get us in a party mood?

For first time Vits+Kicks’ers I always recommend starting with our staple ‘Mean & Green’ cocktail. For gin lovers this recipe works very well with the grape distilled G-Vine who we work very closely with but if your pallet leans more towards vodka then we offer this with an organic pineapple flavoured vodka created by 55 Above. Gin or vodka, centrifugal or cold press, whichever flavour or method you prefer you will need the following ingredients:

★ Gin or Vodka (40ml)

★ Juice Combination of pineapple, apple, spinach & cucumber (150ml)

Combine and shake with ice, pour entire contents into glass. Garnish with a pineapple leaf and a fresh, juicy strawberry. Enjoy!

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