Over the past few years supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has become an increasing focus, but remote work has created additional challenges which is why we’ve developed a range of virtual wellbeing activities to help engage remote teams.

We know companies are keen to support their staff as well as protect sicknesses absence rates and productivity. It’s never been so important to look after each other and ensure that as life begins to return to some form of normality, our workforce is there to support our business to grow. Supporting our self and our colleagues now requires a creative solution. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Sternberg Clarke to provide the best virtual wellbeing activities around.

To help companies access a range of virtual wellbeing activities we’ve created a virtual venue, a place to escape the stresses of the everyday, the House of Happiness. Inside the venue there are three different rooms inside which you’ll find a choice of experiences, all of which have been designed to nourish the mind, body and soul.

The House of Happiness offers more than an away-day experience. Think of it as a virtual retreat. A chance to bring everyone together range of virtual wellbeing activities to restore team spirit & boost morale of fragmented companies.

Our virtual wellness activities include workshops that aim to help people deal with stress through mindfulness or exercise classes to make employees feel valued and motivated. We’ve also got virtual teambuilding activities that are great at uniting teams that can’t be physically together. We offer over 30 activities to choose from. Here’s some of our favourite ideas to get you started.

1. Drumming Workshops

Using whatever makeshift percussion people can find in their homes e.g. pans, spoons etc participants are led through a dynamic and fun percussion workshop with experienced percussionist Sam Alexander. A great icebreaker or team building exercise for people of all abilities.

2. Disco Yoga

This is happy yoga that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Disco Yoga is the most glamorous and fun way to bend and stretch! Sequins and spandex optional.

3. B-Free Movement

Build confidence, be empowered and express yourself with our B Free Movement Workshop. Dance styles including waacking, vogue, African, hiphop and more are combined in this unique workshop. One to nominate for the boss to get involved in.

4. Poetry Workshops

Fast paced, interactive and genuinely engaging. Performance poetry and spoken word is a great workshop for inspiring confidence. Our poet has conducted over a thousand poetry and self-development workshops and his enthusiasm and energy are infectious. He’s also a talented didgeridoo player but we don’t hold that against him.

5. Tai Chi

Discover your “qi” life force with Thai Chi. This ancient Chinese martial art comes with many health benefits, helping to reconnect mind, body and spirit as well as to strengthen muscles, loosen joints and get your body relaxed. Tai Chi’s slow and graceful movements are accompanies by deep circular breathing and is great for stress relief.

6. Face and Eye Yoga

Staring in front of the screen without twitching a muscle means our smiles aren’t getting the workout they require. We have two yoga classes to fix that. Face Yoga is a complete facial yoga workout, where our practitioner guides participants through massage, acupressure and exercise techniques that lift and tone muscle, boost circulation, release tension and aid lymphatic drainage. We also have an eye yoga class which focusses completely on giving your eyes a break from the screen.

7. Healthy Cooking Workshops

Whether you’d like to offer your team some new ideas for quick, easy and tasty lunch recipes while working from home, or some inspiration for healthy eating, our workshops can be tailored to suit your event. Wellness, team building and and morale boosting in one.

8. Scented Candle Making

From learning about how your sense of smell works and how fragrance affects your mood and emotions and the different fragrance families, you will then use the essential oils (provided in advance) to blend into your own soy wax candle. You will start by heating the wax, blending the oils, and finish with pouring your very own candle to keep, all in the comfort of your own home.

Plus Motivational Speakers

We also have a huge range of keynote speakers, who can underpin key messages or simply inspire. Speakers include Dr Ranjan Chatterjee talking about medicine of the future, Dr Sophie Bostock who has helped millions of people improve their sleep, Tara Button who is on a mission to the change the way we consume through sustainable shopping, Laura Jackson on how to dine in fashionably, to Fearne Cotton who has through her podcast and books has become a leading voice in wellbeing and exploring how to navigate life’s daily stresses and arrive at a place of happiness.

Want to know more about our virtual events?

This year as we’re unable to meet up in person, we’ve created a range of virtual venues for events, designed to bring teams together and deliver a unique experience for each individual attendee. Our virtual venues are fully immersive settings which bring together interactive features, feel, sound, performance and visuals …. and of course are complimented by tasty food delivered to your home.

Inside your venue you will find a mix of live and pre-recorded workshops, entertainment and master classes. To personalise your event, your experience comes with a huge choice of activities, so that when you host a virtual event you create an event tailored to you and your guests

Recognising the current need to nuture our wellbeing, we’ve recently launched the House of Happiness; a relaxing retreat, where guests can escape the tedium of working from home and meet up with colleagues for uplifting experiences. And because, we’re all desperate to see something new and inspiring we’re shortly to launch the House of Talent, an urban warehouse where young new performers take to the stage presenting shows for every taste.

To find out more about our virtual venues and events click here.

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