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Venues with inspiring views

When you’re looking for a venue you want a space that will amaze your guests and what can be better than a venue with an inspiring view.

The first thing that might come to mind for a venue with a view could be a sweeping lawn looking out over a river but views come in all shapes and sizes from natural, man-made, outside or part of the interior and in London there’s no shortage of views to choose from. Here’s our round of 10 spaces that will lift your event from the ordinary to the sublime, leaving your guests feeling inspired.


Banqueting House – Main Hall

The grand interior of Banqueting Hall offers tremendous views. The artwork of Rubens is displayed across the ceiling and creates a sensational backdrop for any prestigious event. This space is the perfect setting for anything from weddings to dinner dances and we’ve even enjoyed early morning yoga classes under the ceiling, showing that you don’t have to look outside at your event when you want a venue with an inspiring view.

Clissold House

Clissold House at Clissold Park

If you’re looking for that countryside setting but don’t want to travel outside London then Clissold House is for you. This venue in North London is set in the serene surroundings of Clissold Park and has a distinctly Pride & Prejudice feel about it. The 18th century house boasts outstanding architectural views inside and outside the grounds.

Recently refurbished, this venue can host a variety of special events, with two main rooms and an outdoor terrace to fully immerse you into the picturesque setting as you wait for a glimpse of Darcy to appear from the lake. The tall windows provide excellent lighting into the house as well as outstanding views across Clissold Park. The interior of the house doesn’t lack views either, with characteristic features and a spiral staircase leading to the skylight so you won’t run out of places to look.

Tramshed Cow And Chicken

Tramshed – dine underneath Damien Hirst’s cow and chicken

This contemporary view was created by Damien Hirst specifically for the Tramshed restaurant and is titled “Cock ‘n’ Bull”.  It features a Hereford cow and a cockerel persevered in a steel and glass tank of formaldehyde and is part of his ‘Natural History’ series. The structure is suspended over diners and refers to the restaurant’s menu that is based around chicken and beef dishes. It’s a striking statement made in the restaurant that was once the power station for East London’s trams and is bound to be a big talking point with your guests.

Sky Garden

Sky Garden

The Sky Garden extends over three storeys and displays 360 degree panoramic views over London. Located above the Walkie Talkie building, the Sky Garden is 155m up in the sky and can host 300 guests for dinner or 475 for drinks and with no restrictions on the view there’s no such thing as a bad seat. With a choice of spaces from the gardens, observation decks or open air terrace; you won’t be short of different landscapes in London’s highest public garden. You can hold a small party at one of the restaurants or you can hire out the sky garden for a bigger event to feature London’s skyline as the stunning setting.

The Betjeman Arms

Kings Cross (The Betjeman Arms)

The Betjeman Arms is located at St Pancras station, overlooking the Eurostar, train with spaces to host your private party whilst enjoying the immense views that St Pancras has to offer. The Grand Terrace provides a secluded scene of your surroundings with sights of the vaulted ceiling and the remarkable architecture at the station whilst enjoying the atmosphere that the romance of travel to Paris brings.

Drapers Hall

Drapers’ Company – Livery Hall

The Livery Hall is filled with rich history and has hosted events for hundreds of years. This venue offers a majestic space for all types of events; from business meetings and presentations to cocktail parties and prestigious dinners. The 28 marble columns add spectacular views to the architecture and provide perfect framing for the royal portraits. The Livery Hall was painted by Herbert Draper between 1903 and 1910 who depicted a sensational illustration of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream; it’ll have your guests feeling uplifted all evening.

The Shard

The Shard

The two viewing platforms from the Shard offer an unmissable experience for your guests providing a sophisticated location for your event. Hiring this venue provides your guests with exclusive access to the open sky deck on Level 72 to see the striking skyline of London. Known as the highest viewing platform in Western Europe’s tallest building it’s an opportunity to view London from a brand new perspective. For any occasion, this view is one of London’s favourites so early booking is essential.

Floating Cinema

The Floating Cinema

The floating cinema is a mobile arts venue and cinema that navigates the canals of London. You can hire the boat for private events, product launches, corporate away days and with its auditorium and high spec screening facilities we think it’s perfect for providing a meeting space with a difference; offering guests a new perspective of London’s most iconic views combined with the enjoyment of the peaceful pace of waterway living.

The London Eye

London Eye

Enjoy the iconic London Eye offering 360 degrees views across London for up to 25 miles. This unique location is like no other and is available for private hire, either as an individual pod for your intimate party or complete hire of the whole structure giving guests uninterrupted views day or night (both are great). The pods reach to a peak of 443 ft. in the air which is pretty high considering you’re always moving; it’s a perfect way to see London.

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

The Sea Life London Aquarium offers one of the most unique dining views of them all. At this venue, guests can be immersed into the wonders of marine life without the efforts of learning how to dive. As guests enter the aquarium they will be greeted at the water tank walkway with a range of sealife swimming just inches underneath them. If your guests make it past the sharks they can enjoy sending messages from inside the tanks as the dive team can provide any kind of personalised messages for your audience. Not only will you have wall to wall views of all the sea life, you can also enjoy the ocean tunnel with turtles and sting rays swimming above and around you. Surrounded in sea life this venue provides a watery view with a difference.

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