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Five unique wedding venues

As Valentine’s Day approaches we’ve drawn up a list of five of our favourite unique wedding venues that we recommend for getting married; featuring the beautiful, the elegant and the unusual. 

From historic venues to countryside retreats, these are wedding venues that will ensure your big day won’t be forgotten.

Marriage in the Sky

If you want to be literally swept off your feet then this is the venue for you. Last September we were lucky enough to experience Dinner in the Sky and we’re very excited about their new option; Marriage in the Sky. Using a huge crane as a magical wand to which a platform is attached you could be suspended over some magical places, such as Big Ben. The ceremony platforms are carefully staggered so your guests get a brilliant view of the ceremony – your only challenge is to make sure they focus all their attention on you and not the location!


Tower Bridge, London

Surround yourself in romantic nostalgia at one of the most iconic venues in London and become part of London’s history. This is a venue where it’s all about the views, with the historic Tower of London in one direction and Canary Wharf in the other. You’re pretty much guaranteed stunning wedding photos with your marriage on the walkway itself and your reception in the North Tower.


The Forts, Hampshire

Getting a car to the church feels a bit sedate when you could take a speedboat. The Forts is a unique wedding venue in the Solent, Hamsphire.  Isolated a mile off the mainland, your wedding will be gloriously isolated on your own private fort complete with a wine cave, rooftop hot pool and firepit.


Preston Court, Kent

Surrounded by stunning lakes and woodland, Preston Court is a beautiful wedding location in Kent’s countryside and offers a choice of venues including a pretty pagoda on a moated island. However it’s the beautiful 17th century barn that we’ve fallen for. It comes complete with its own church farm, an idyllic lake and – swoon – a steam museum with vintage fairground rides, including a Victorian Carousel, for your guests to enjoy and for you to pose prettily next to.

Preston Court Kent-unique-wedding-venues

 Arabian Nights

The atmosphere created by a marquee is second to none; once inside a tent it feels as if you have been transported, as if anything is possible.  The Arabian Tent Company design, create and develop the most extraordinary marquees and interiors for people who want to celebrate in style. Each marquee is designed and made with passion and the greatest of care. The magic of the sumptuous fabrics, the delightful scent and the moody lighting will help your dreams become a reality.

Arabian Nights Wedding Tent-unique-wedding-venues

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