Making nature sparkle with Twilight Trees

Making nature sparkle with Twilight Trees

Twilight Trees have been adding glamour and elegance to events since 2014 and have gone on to style some of the most beautiful events of recent years, lighting up venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Burlington Arcade, the Dorchester and Historic Royal Palaces.

The range of trees includes LEDs which provide a sparkling atmosphere to floral or seasonal trees; whatever you choose they are fabulous at scene setting and guaranteed to make an impression. Whether you’re looking to create an intimate atmosphere with their smaller range or to create the ultimate showstopper with their larger trees, the effect is truly magical. We caught up with founder Susie Reid Thomas to find out more.

Twilight Trees Interview
Twilight Trees Interview
Twilight Trees Interview

Tell us about your company and how you got started.

The trees were a lucky find. I came across LED Cherry trees on a trip abroad and absolutely fell in love with them. The very fact that they are a natural concept but given a glamorous, sparkling element made them even more special to me. After I brought one back for myself and I got so many friends and family members asking if I could get them one that I decided to set up a small business. That small business has grown and the trees have got more and more creative. I honestly thought that they would be a trend that came and went, the fact that the business has evolved like it has and the collections have been able to grow each year really does blow my mind.

Your business has come a long way quickly. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced along the way?

There are so many challenges faced by a small business. Time management, financial management, people management, risk. It’s all a massive juggle but when you really want something to work, you grit your teeth, get on with it and you make it work. It’s an exciting and rewarding process and although it has it’s ups and downs I wouldn’t have it any other way, I am so proud of what we do, the team we’ve created and reputation we’ve built.

How have people used your trees for styling events and parties?

The company launched in 2014 and I initially thought that we would be a sales focussed business with perhaps a hire or two on the side. It was almost immediately apparent that this was not the case. The business has now become one of the most prominent venue decoration and hire businesses in its field and there is no end to the creativity that they have encountered. The trees can look incredible either side of a doorway or as a feature in the centre of a bar but they also have power in numbers. There’s nothing more impactful than a forest of trees, be it floral, leafy or LED.

What sort of trees are available to hire and how do you bring the seasons to life?

The LED tree range includes Cherry, Maple and Palm trees, which create an instant wow factor and a sparkling atmosphere. The floral ‘Trees in Bloom’ range comes in shades of white and pink, they offer large-scale flora without the restrictions of seasonality. ‘Trees in Green’ and ‘Trees in Gold’ are bold, leafy, majestic and the ultimate showstopper. From the bountiful blossom of the spring to copper autumnal leaves, all the way through to sparkle at Christmas, we really can take you through all the seasons and the beauty is that that can be any time of the year.

As well as looking fabulous at private parties and weddings your trees have been used to great effect in branding.

Our trees do work really well in branded situations and the options are limitless. From vast corporations such a Google to artisan toy brands, we’ve worked with a great variety. We recently created branded plinths for a champagne terrace for Moet and we’re also really excitingly going on tour with the Pimm’s teapot this summer!

What’s the most unusual event you’ve worked?

There are so many to choose from! There was the corporate dinner at Blenheim Palace with life size taxidermy giraffes. Or the Star Wars wrap party featuring aerial artists, robot dancers and an indoor forest. Honestly the events industry is so creative right now, it’s a real privilege to work within it. Last year we were heavily involved in the first ever wedding to be held at The Royal Albert Hall which was broadcast live on This Morning, that was different!

Your trees have lit up some incredible venues, what have been some of your favourites?

There’s nothing quite like seeing the whole of Burlington Arcade lit up with an avenue of LED Cherry Trees. The Natural History Museum was certainly up there too, having our entire Grande Blossom collection sit underneath that iconic whale skeleton was definitely a ‘pinch me’ moment. We have an event coming up at the Serpentine which I’m really excited about…

What are you looking forward to next in your business?

Our team has expanded this year which is something that we’ve been waiting to do for a while. We are simply so excited to see what we can achieve with this extra man power and it just gives me so much joy to see the pride these new recruits are taking in the business and how they plan to drive it forward alongside the original crew.

Twilight Trees Interview
Twilight Trees Interview
Twilight Trees Interview

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