Mobile bars come in many shapes and sizes but you’d be hard pushed to find one as adorable as Salute! Bubbles & Birra.  This diminutive Italian van is perfect for adding style and charm to your event.

A mobile bar is a great way to keep the drinks flowing all day – and night. They offer great opportunities for photography and can often be styled to suit your event. We spoke to Abigail  at  Salute! Bubbles & Birra to find out more.

Salute! Bubbles & Birra
Salute! Bubbles & Birra

Where did the idea of Salute Bubbles and Birra come from?

Salute! Bubbles & Birra evolved through our love of entertaining, creating memorable & unique experiences, whether for business or pleasure. We love to see people socialising.

Your Piaggio Van is gorgeous and looks fabulous at events. Can you tell us how you found it and restored it?

Thank you – it was imported from Italy & then lovingly restored by two great companies in England. We knew exactly how we wanted it to look – classic, chic & stylish so it would compliment any event & be a great talking point, which it’s proving to be.

Prosecco and Peroni are fabulous Italian drinks and a perfect pairing but are you able to serve any other drinks?

We could if required, and it came in a keg or a barrel, but to be honest like you have said “Prosecco & Peroni – a perfect pairing “, with both appealing to all. We also offer Prosecco based cocktails with Gin Raspberry proving to be very popular along with the introduction of Peroni based cocktails for 2018.

How do you keep your drinks chilled and what quantities can you serve?

The concept is simple. Salute! – serves from two twin tap dispensers and with its unique flash cooled system we are able to serve chilled drinks within 5 mins, removing the need to hire dozens of ice buckets & refrigerators along with the endless job of disposing bottles. Salute! can store in its cabin – 2 kegs of Prosecco = 320 glasses plus 2 barrels of Peroni = 176 pints in one go and have more on standby if required.

We love the idea of using your van at summer events. Have you got any suggestions about how it can be adapted for Autumn or Winter?

During Autumn / Winter clients still like us to serve Prosecco, Peroni & Cocktails but we add Italian Mulled Wine & Limoncello shots to the menu, as the Winter warmers.

What size events are you best suited for and do you need a lot of space?

Our compact little van measures only 3m in length & 1.4m wide so is able to drive into all outside spaces, most private gardens (we have even had clients remove fences to get us in!), company receptions & with today’s bi-folding doors on trend, we can serve in the comfort of your own home. We are very well received in VIP areas, unique & quirky events, but whatever the size of the event Salute! – Bubbles & Birra makes an impact & leaves a lot of happy guests behind.

Along with weddings we think your van would be wonderful for parties and product launches. What events have you enjoyed being part of?

All of them! …… just love to be involved.

Do you have any future plans that you can share with us?

Maybe duplicate Salute! Bubbles & Birra… as we missed the opportunity of being shipped to a private island last year as we were already booked on the date!!

Salute! Bubbles & Birra
Salute! Bubbles & Birra
Salute! Bubbles & Birra
Salute! Bubbles & Birra

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