Printworks Christmas Parties

All Christmas parties at Printworks London take place in The Press Halls, the jewel in the Printworks crown. The space retains original machinery and industrial features in two large, fully sound-proofed rooms. The Press Halls offer a jaw-dropping Christmas party event space with spectacular sound and lighting production.

Unique Printworks lighting production: LED lighting throughout the building from the entrance through to the Press Halls. Wash lights and LED colour-changing up-lighting columns positioned to highlight architectural features. In the Press Halls a specialist lighting rig consisting off over 50 moving lights across eight fully automated lighting trusses will create different looks and movements. 70 lasers spread the full length of the dance floor will create a roof of lasers above guests heads. An additional 30 moving lights and four trusses will extend the lights the full length of the dining space.

Here at Evolve Events we work with some of the most prestigious and unusual Christmas party venues available. If you’d like to some more help finding the perfect venue for your Christmas party just get in touch with the team.

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