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60 Second Interview with Poptails by Lapp

We love a cocktail (or two) at Evolve but we’re always on one kind of health kick or another so poptails by Lapp, containing just fruit and alcohol, are perfect for us. Poptails are alcoholic ice pops made of fresh fruit and premium alcohol and are created by Laura Faeh and Célcilia Thomas, two French girls now living in London.

Poptails by Lapp

Inspired by legendary cocktails like Mojito or Bellini, Lapp’s poptail recipes are imagined and created in their London workshop and all their sorbets are made from natural ingredients only, without additives and colouring. If you are organising an event and looking to offer guests a fun and unexpected product then a poptail could be just the thing. For a bit of romance try serving a heart shaped lolly or if you want to get a brand message across then personalise the lolly with your logo printed on the stick.

Poptails by Lapp

Find out more about PopTails by Lapp in our 60 Second Interview with Laura and Célcilia :

Describe your company in three words

Innovative, fun and collaborative

How did you meet and what sparked the idea for poptails?

We met a business school in Paris but really got to know each other when we moved to London and became flatmates … and have been for more than 5 years now. The poptail came up while Cecilia was looking for an idea to promote the Vodka brand she used to work for. I helped her organising a Vodka ice lolly pop-up bar in London.

What is the best event you have ever worked for?

Armani Jeans has asked for special Poptails made only of Italian flavour for an event they were holding in a store. We are both huge fans of Italian food so the ideas were endless. We came up with some very tasteful Poptails such as Amaretto sour and Limoncello 🙂 We enjoyed ourselves a lot. We both come from a design/fashion background and creating beautiful packaging for them was a gem.

Poptails by Lapp

What unusual flavour/ drink would you like to turn into a poptail?

Pastis! It is a very popular drink in France made of an anise flavoured spirit and water – which makes it difficult for us to turn it into a nice sorbet with a nice texture.

What’s your favourite ice lolly from childhood?

Cecilia: The Rocket because of its beautiful shape and colours.

Laura: The Watermelon because I have always loved fruits – and it is simply beautiful.

Is a poptail just for summer? 

It is of course perfect for summer but not only. A poptail is an alternative to a fresh cocktail. It is a more thoughtful way to consume alcohol. There are endless occasion you can have a poptail for!

How can a poptail be personalised?

A poptail can be personalised as much as you want and we love crazy challenges: you can engrave the stick, choose any shape you like (we can even create one specifically for you), choose the most unexpected flavours and even a bespoke packaging!

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