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Interview with Lick Me I’m Delicious

When we’re working with clients who are happy to push the culinary boundaries at their events we turn to Lick Me I’m Delicious, champions of food experiments and innovation. 

Over the last few years this company has developed a reputation for breaking away from the constraints of conventional food and serving up experimental food installations that engage and delight, right in front of people’s eyes.

Ever wondered what Unicorn Tears taste like? Find out at their edible perfume counter. Other fabulous inventions include the world’s first nitro ice cream buggy, edible mist machines and an instant lollipop machine. We caught up with Lick Me I’m Delicious founder, Charlie Harry Francis, to find out more about them.


Describe Lick Me I’m Delicious in three words.

Delicious, Lickable, EXPERIMENTALLYAWESOMENESSTASTY (I cheated there)


We love the way you make turn food into a celebration and experience – how important is adding an element of play to events?

For us, it’s everything, people talk about multi sensory food, but if you have an installation that touches all the senses and is boring, well what’s that achieving?  We aim to make the eating drinking experience so fun and magical that it’s blasting all your senses and you need a lie down afterwards.


What are your influences behind your spectacular contraptions?

We draw a lot from the world of science, art and engineering infrastructure as well as theatre, circus and set building. I’m afraid as geeky as it sounds, we spend quite some time reading wordy research papers. Yes we’re geeks.


What is the best event you have ever worked on?

We did some work for the Gadget Man where we created a levitating cocktail machine; that was pretty cool. I love the growth of pop ups, we did a wicked one with Cornetto recently where we made a cornetto candyfloss and a deconstructed Cornetto range of Edible Perfumes.


What are your newest creations and what kind of products can we expect from you in the future?

We’ve just created the alcoholic brain freezer, Nitro Shaker and our prototype Bubble Volcano is peeping out from the shadows. In the future?  Haha that would be telling.  Lots and it’s all very cool.


What Christmas treats have you got in store for your clients this year?

Lots of everything! We’re doing champagne cognac Nitro Mince pies, Yuletide Edible Mists, Satsuma Edible Fragrance, Christmas Tipsy Fountains.  And of course the PARTY SPIRIT for the craziest time of year in the events calendar!


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