June Content Ideas For Event Companies

What should event professionals talk about on social media in July?

July is the month we celebrate the middle of summer. Normally we’d be sharing summer events and weddings as well as looking forward to holidays and outdoor activities.

This year it’s different with events still on hold, holidays restricted and the prospect of summer schooling lurking. People are socialising in small groups often at home or staying in and spending more time online. Your marketing messages need to be different from normal too. If you’re not sure what to post or talk about at the moment have a look at our July content calendar for some ideas.

July Content Calendar Ideas

I Forgot Day

Thursday 2nd July. Share your strategies on how you plan and organise your events so you don’t forget essential elements of kit.

American Independence Day

Saturday 4th July. Feature something American you love or, as it’s also Independents Day in the UK, support a small retailer you love with a shout out using #ukindieday.

National Kissing Day

Monday 6th July. Post a story about a wedding you worked on. We all need to see more love in the world at the moment.

World Chocolate Day

Tuesday 7th July. Does anyone need a reason to talk about chocolate? We’ve all got our favourite chocolate dessert so post a poll asking what your followers love.

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Friday 10th July. Whilst restrictions are in place we’re all having smaller celebrations and picnics are all the rage. Share a picnic set up you love or support a caterer who is delivering the perfect grazing box.

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Monday 13th July. Everyone loves a geek these days so share some tech knowledge you have. With hybrid events not going anywhere and events becoming increasingly technical, share some know-how on how to engage your audience digitally.

National Nude Day

Tuesday 14th July. We’ll leave it with you to decide how far you want to take this one.

World Emoji Day

Friday 17th July.  Chosen because the calendar emoji image is depicted with the date of the 17th. Embrace the emoji and challenge yourself; how much of a story can you tell just using emojis?  Ask your followers whether they love or hate emojis. Or simply tell the story of your favourite emoji and why.

National Ice Cream Day

Sunday 19th July. It’s the middle of summer and it’s national ice cream day. The least you can do is post a picture of your favourite lolly.

Christmas in July

Saturday 25th July. Originally celebrated in the countries like Australia because July is the middle of their winter and usually their coldest month, it’s a great excuse to talk about Christmas. Promote any Christmas packages you’ve got or share ideas on how to create that magical feeling in the summer.

National Sleepy Head Day

Monday 27th July. In Finland the last person caught sleeping at home on this day is lifted from their bed and thrown into a sea or lake. Failing this they’ll just have water poured over them instead. If this feels a bit extreme just share some tips on how you keep your energy levels up during an event.

International Friendship Day

Thursday 30th July. Tag and celebrate business partners or a special person in your team and share some friendship goals

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