Now is the time for event companies to re-focus and create a new media strategy that works and will help you reach your goals.

If you want to grow your social media platform then you’re going to want more followers. But we all know it’s not as easy as it sounds. These are the four main areas we recommend you focus on to grow your social media.

How To Grow Your Social Media Audience For Event Companies

Choose the relevant social media platforms (start with 2)

Social Media takes time and works best when you consistently turn up so be realistic about how many platforms you can allocate time to maintain. It’s better to start small and build up your voice rather than trying to be on all platforms but not posting regularly.

When choosing your key platforms think about your target audience and where they will be. Instagram is image rich and works well for event companies with suppliers due to their beautiful images. Businesses like florists or cake makers do particularly well but you can find that your followers are mainly other industry suppliers rather than direct clients. Spend time developing your strategy and think carefully about what you post. Instagram is no longer just about a beautifully curated feed but instead about building connections so take people behind the scenes and share insights into your company and how you work so that people start to know you and trust your brand.

We recommend considering Pinterest. Think of it as a search engine rather than a social media channel and pin content that is ‘How To’ based. We’ve found it’s where clients go to research and get ideas for their events and celebrations, plus the content lasts longer and it’s easy to drive traffic back to your website.

If you’re looking to connect within the events industry then LinkedIn is great for networking. It’s often overlooked but it’s one of the best platforms for engaging and getting a dialogue going with other event companies. A great place if you’re trying to build up connections with event agents or venues that might be interested in your services or products.

Don’t forget the branding. Keep it consistent across all your platforms

Having a unique and consistent brand makes you more memorable. Take a step back and think about your brand; does it have an identity that is recognisable and drives trust so that when people see your content they know it’s from you?

With so many event companies fighting to be seen on social media you need to find a way to stand out and be recognisable so start thinking about your brand identity and developing a consistent style including your brand colours, tone of voice, fonts, type of images and layout.

There are plenty of tools available to help you be consistent in your branding. We love Canva as it’s a really user-friendly to design graphics for all platforms and if you upgrade there is the option to create a ‘Brand Kit’ so you can ensure all your designs are consistent.

Take time to engage with your audience, but also to collaborate with your competitors

With the whole event industry under threat at the moment, now is the time to collaborate and not compete with others in your industry. Social media is all about building relationships and coming together and supporting each other is how the events industry will survive.

Reach out to relevant brands in the events sector and discuss how you might be able to help each other. An event is created by a whole team of event suppliers so an easy way is to tag the companies that created the event and promote your partners’ content with your respective audiences.

Be authentic, be bold, be memorable. Engagement is more important than numbers

Social media is a crowded place so your brand voice needs to be clear. Having an authentic brand voice means writing how you speak and having something to say. People might not always like what you have to say but don’t let that hold you back – you’re trying to attract the people that would want to work with you so don’t be afraid of a few unfollows along the way. 

Whilst large follower numbers might give your ego a bit of a boost, it’s essentially a vanity metric as they don’t mean anything if they’re not converting into clients. The only way for this to happen is to have an audience that is engaged with you. Do your followers pay attention, are they really interested and most importantly are they potential clients? People make connections through story telling so use your captions in a meaningful way to build deeper relations through emotion.

Rather than worrying about your audience size focus on engagement instead. Are your followers listening and responding? Ask them questions and get involved in conversations. It’s important not just to post your own content but go onto other accounts and build up relationships; it’s called Social media for a reason after all! Plus engaging with others has the added benefit of boosting your posts as social media platforms tend to reward those that stay on their platforms for longer by sharing your content to a wider platform.

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