How To Markets to Millennials A Guide For Event Venues

Why are Millennials different and how to communicate with them

Brands are always on the lookout for new marketing tactics to appear to the millennial generation. And for good reason. Born between 1980 and 2000, there are almost seventeen million millennials in the UK, making up over a quarter of the total population.

But finding the right way to communicate can be tricky. Traditional advertising methods often fail with millennials. More than any other generation, millennials suffer from ad fatigue. They dislike commercials, love the ad blocker tool and receive most of their news and information through social media and prefer subscription TV to cable.

It’s one of the reasons why brands often turn to events when they’re trying to connect will millennials. By showing a product or service at an event, you’re sharing it with millennials in a way they can appreciate and relate to.

This is because Millennials don’t just want to buy, rather they want to enjoy the experience; they want a ‘buying experience’.

In order to avoid geting your marketing to millennials in a muddle read our tips on how event venues should market to millennials

Discover our five tips on how event venues should market to millennials

1. Bring It To Life

Take a look at how in-store promotions, pop-up stores, trade shows and exhibitions are all providing millennials with exclusive, memorable activities and incorporate this into your business.

The showround is your perfect opportunity to bring your venue to life. When meeting in person, an initial judgement is made in ¼ second with final decisions being made in 4 seconds. It’s not long is it?! First impressions start as soon as they see you so think about how to make the best one.

Is there a space you can take your guests to where you’ve set up a welcome table, with a drink chilling in a bucket and some nibbles set out on a pretty plate? You want to create that impression that makes them feel welcome and that you’re going to look after them. Millennials like to buy from people they like, so this is your chance to create a rapour.

Millennials value relevancy and personalisation.  They appreciate when businesses try to make their content relevant to them so try and find a way to make the showround experience resonate with them. At the very least make sure the showround feels exclusive by including a personalised welcome such as a message in a frame or placed somewhere unexpected in the venue as an enjoyable surprise.

2. Make it Share Worthy

“Pics or it didn’t happen” is the millennial’s mantra. After all this is the generation that pioneered the selfie stick. Millennials love to document their every move, and they’re immensely concerned with FOMO (fear of missing out).

Millennials want experiences and memories they can share (or let’s fact it, show off) on social media.

Everything needs to be Instagrammable. Be sure to create a photogenic showround. Set the scene with lighting, small flower arrangement and a table setting. Light a scented candle to create the right ambience.

Point out any unique areas or design features that would look good on camera. Share pictures from previous events such as food stalls or interactive desserts you’ve created. You need to have aspects that will be Instaworthy if you want them to hold their event with you. Ultimately, if Millennials think your experience is cool enough to be shared, you know you’ve done your job well.

3. Authenticity over content

It’s a known fact that Millennials prefer socially responsible brands that take a stand on social issues and support their communities. They want to do business with brands that listen and care and they want products/services to make them feel good. Millennials claim that they prefer purchases that express their personality and lifestyle, and ready to sacrifice quantity over quality

Buying from a brand that supports social causes by giving back or donating a share of profits, is simply a more enjoyable buying experience.

Whether it’s a corporate client or wedding couple feeling guilty about budgets, aligning yourself to a charity has to be a good thing. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons so you need to pick a charity that’s true to you.

Inauthentic attempts at speaking to young people can have disastrous result and millennials have amazing b.s. detectors, so don’t try to be something you aren’t.

A great charity for those in the events industry is Hospitality Action which help hospitality people back on their feet again after a setback.

4. Speak Their Language

Millennials appreciate it when brands talk to them in a casual, formal style because that’s how they communicate with everybody else. This generation has a pretty short attention span and prefers video over text. So in your literature make sure you’re not copy heavy but instead spoon feed information in short, sweet sound bites.  Break content into easily digestible chunks (one- or two-sentence paragraphs) and use headings and subheading to differentiate information. And put that big print out about the history of the venue back on the shelf. They’re just not going to bother with it.

Millennials value peer endorsement and use it to make buying decisions. That’s why influencer marketing and online reviews are huge these days in online marketing. To win the trust of millennial customers, you need to have good reviews so build up a library of quotes by reaching out to previous clients and suppliers. Ask them for testimonials and encourage them to post on Google. Share your testimonials on Instagram too. They probably won’t get many likes as other posts but it’s an easy way for millennials to see what other people are saying about you.

5. Fast, Simple & Easy

Millennials have a reputation for doing everything online and in particular, with their smartphones, willing to make purchases online and for high ticket items. However, it’s a mistake to assume they do all their shopping online. They will definitely research their venues online and the days of visiting lots of venues have gone, with most clients just visiting 3 venues. So the showround is still massively important but your online presence needs to be super slick to get them to the showround stage. Your website needs to be easy to use and relevant, with as few clicks as possible to get the information needed. Every step is a barrier; just think how easy Amazon makes it to purchase. And don’t forget to have a presence on the platforms that millennials use. Keep your social media feed up to date and make sure you are using video.

Use your platforms to tell your story. From the design to the content, it’s all an opportunity to connect and engage. It goes back to wanting to buy from people we like and trust. Think about your brand story. What’s unique about your venue? Don’t over complicate it though. Think about what your target audience wants to hear and ensure your story is about the solution.

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