How Do Virtual Christmas Parties Work?

How Do Virtual Christmas Parties Work?2020-10-20T13:46:19+00:00
Virtual Christmas Parties FAQs
What’s in my Virtual Christmas Box?2020-10-20T13:10:52+00:00

All the necessary party ingredients: delicious food, cocktails, party hat, atmospheric candle, login instructions to virtual entertainment and a set of instructions so you know what to do on your party night. NB elements will vary according to chosen package.

How does the food and beverage work?2020-10-20T13:14:59+00:00

By choosing either the Aperitivo or Primo package you will find within your box a range of delicious grazing foods and drinks all wrapped for safe travel.

Do you accept dietary requirements?2020-10-20T13:17:43+00:00

Yes we do. We have meat, vegetarian and vegan menus in place and can also cater for additional dietaries such as nut allergies. All dietary requirements must be sent in writing at last 2 weeks in advance.

How does the ordering process work?2020-10-20T13:18:43+00:00

It’s very simple. You choose your package (Aperitivo or Primo), confirm your numbers and dietary requirements and then we take over with the planning running all operational plans by you first for sign off. Any amends after sign off are liable to extra charges for immediate credit card payment.

Are we allowed to mix and match some of your packages?2020-11-16T11:40:05+00:00

Sadly not, but you are able to purchase additional components to your chosen box. NB this may also increase courier charges due to extra weight.

You are however able to order just the food boxes or entertainment as stand-alone items should you wish.

Can we build on the chosen package?2020-10-20T13:21:20+00:00

We are happy to build elements on top of the existing Aperitivo and Primo inclusive elements to individualise your order and subject to extra product, box and courier charges. All confirmed additional elements must be agreed in writing on contracting and subject to availability without guarantees.

Can I order just the food or just the entertainment?2020-11-16T11:54:12+00:00

Our Virtual Christmas Parties work best when you order both our food boxes and entertainment but you can also order them as stand-alone items. Just let us know what you’d prefer and we’ll adjust our quotation for you.

How do we choose our entertainment?2020-10-20T15:40:06+00:00

We have created a virtual entertainment directory for you to choose your favourite acts with either 2 or 3 acts as part of your package. If you choose more acts with your chosen package, extra streaming/ production set up will be required for seamless delivery and additional charges will apply. If you would like us to source alternative acts we will happily oversee see this for you.

NB additional costs may apply.

Can we interact with our colleagues at the party?2020-11-16T11:52:38+00:00

Yes you can. You can virtually meet up at The Bar which have a number of tables where you can video chat with each other. There are also chat boxes inside each party room.

If we want to do a virtual awards recognition evening, is this something you can oversee for us?2020-10-20T13:25:01+00:00

Our live events experience will allow us to oversee this for you – we’d work with you on the finer detail: Your awards structure, music stings, audio visual equipment etc and choreograph this for you. 

NB management, crew fees & audio-visual fees will apply.

Can we add our branding?2020-10-20T13:27:21+00:00

Branding opportunities may exist within the package so please let us know your vision. High resolution logos (EPS, Vector or PDF) will be required and additional charges may apply. All branding requirements must be made in writing at least 2 weeks before your event.

When will I receive my box?2020-10-20T15:44:13+00:00

Each box will be sent to your homes 2-3 days before your event so a complete spreadsheet (name/full address/contact number) will be required at least 3 weeks before your event (GDPR compliant and only used for delivery purposes). Each box will contain a full set of printed instructions so please read and refrigerate all ingredients as soon as possible and take note of party timings.

What happens if my box does not arrive?2020-10-20T13:28:47+00:00

We must be notified in writing by 9am two days before the event and we will follow up with DPD, our chosen courier, and then take appropriate action so you are not left empty handed.

What is the minimum number of boxes?2020-10-20T13:29:15+00:00

Our minimum box delivery is 20 boxes.

How do we pay for it?2020-10-20T13:29:54+00:00

On written confirmation an invoice will be sent and due for payment immediately within 1-7 days. No boxes will be sent until full payment is received. Credit cards charges (1.9% will be applied to all corporate cards). Payment can be made via Bacs, Chaps, Mastercard & Visa Corporate Cards only, Cheques are not accepted.

Do you deliver abroad as we have offices around the world?2020-10-20T13:30:38+00:00

We are happy to send our boxes to other European destinations by our chosen method with additional courier charges applied but we do not deliver beyond the EU. Only our vegetarian/vegan packages will be sent abroad due to food laws and sent 2-3 days before your event and must be refrigerated on receipt.

We have offices in the Americas, Asia and Africa continents; how can we involve these employees?2020-10-20T13:31:03+00:00

We recommend that you source/deliver similar boxes locally and we will send all log in details to you to pass on to colleagues for any speeches, entertainment ensuring full company integration on the day/night. Each country will choose their favoured virtual party time according to their time zone and communicate to us at least 2 weeks in advance.

Do you have a last orders date?2020-11-30T20:43:58+00:00

The last date that all Virtual Christmas Party orders must be placed by is 04th December 2020.

What measures have you taken to keep your parties Covid-19 safety proof?2020-10-20T13:32:51+00:00

Our primary concern is always the health of our staff and customers so we have a strict set of operational procedures in light of COVID-19. We have introduced additional measures of heath and safely to minimise the risk of infection. All our staff have been instructed to be extra vigilant and follow increased hygiene protocols. Any staff who exhibit symptoms or live with anyone affected or displaying symptoms will be instructed to follow the government guidelines regarding self-isolation.

Do I need to use any specific equipment to access the online party?2020-11-16T11:37:28+00:00

You don’t need to download any specific equipment but please ensure your laptop or desktop has access to a camera and Google Chrome as well as having Zoom installed. Please access the event from the Chrome web browser. The platform will not work with a phone or tablet.

What happens if my shortlisted acts are unavailable?2020-11-30T20:42:21+00:00

Once you have confirmed the booking of your party we advise you to confirm your entertainment as soon as possible. If however there is a delay and  your preferred act is no longer available, we will use all reasonable endeavours to find a similar replacement at the same price. If this cannot be achieved and additional costs apply, we will let you know immediately and you can either pay any additional fees or choose an alternative act from the options available.

Do you have a set of T&Cs?2020-11-27T10:43:07+00:00

For a full set of our terms & conditions click here.