A virtual retreat designed to restore your team’s wellbeing

Virtual Wellbeing Venue Retreat House of Happiness

If you need some positive vibes right now, the House of Happiness, is hosting a virtual wellness festival aimed at helping companies reconnect with their teams.

We won’t be able to hold face-to-face events for quite a while but we know people still want to connect and companies want to bring their teams together. Working from home can take its toll on everyone and it can be hard to stay motivated and positive. That’s why, following on from the success of our virtual Christmas parties, we’re working on a new series of virtual events with an emphasis on creativity and wellbeing. The event is designed to be a fully immersive experience, giving people the chance to connect with colleagues but also escape the pressures in real life whilst picking up some inspirational tips and tools along the way.

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Welcome to the House of Happiness

Our virtual venue is the ultimate in tranquility. The House of Happiness is the ultimate relaxing destination and seeing as we won’t be making travel plans anytime soon, this is probably the nearest you’re going to get to Bali for a while. Symmetrically laid out following the principles of Zen design it features stone, wood and water and has an open roof to let the light pour in. Guests will be able to explore a range of rooms filled with activities aimed to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Inside the venue you’ll be able to sign up to talks from industry experts, participate in workshops such as yoga & mindfulness, rediscover your own creativity with sessions like painting, drumming, origami and dance, and get inspired with demonstrations including cooking masterclasses.

The virtual doors open at a time that suits you best, so you can host your team’s wellness festival in the afternoon on evening. After what has felt like the longest January ever, it’s the perfect opportunity to schedule a self-care sesh at home.

How Does It Work?

The House of Happiness is a soul-nourishing way to bring your team together as businesses strive to maintain morale, team spirit and the mental health of their fragmented teams. It’s a virtual venue where the platform enables you to unwind and recharge with a choice of activities hosted inside three rooms, all designed to engage your teams. Expect workshops, experts and master classes – there really is something for everyone at the House of Happiness. You can also choose to receive a box of nourishing treats at home, tailored to your requirements, and filled with healthy snacks by leading caterers Caiger & Co.

To personalise your event, your virtual wellbeing experience comes with a choice of over 30 activities; select from a whole host of workshops, classes, talks and demonstrations. You can pick and mix to suit your goals, duration and budget, creating an event tailored to suit your company ethos.

We’re all craving a change of scene so the House of Happiness provides a chance for some escapism. On arrival your MD can greet everyone with a welcome speech before you explore inside three therapy rooms, each with their own focus. Your chosen activities will be streamed from either the Mind, Body or Soul rooms.

The event will last for approximately 90-120 minutes and during this time you are able to set up chat rooms so you and your colleagues can engage with each other during the activities. And if you want to hang out more, either in departments or more casually as colleagues, then our Juice Bar has tables for video chat during or in-between activities.

Host Your Company Away Day At The House Of Happiness

Join us at the beautiful House of Happiness for an away-day full of activities and conversations from brilliant experts. Our virtual venue is the perfect place to connect with your colleagues and dive into all things wellbeing, helping to bring teams back together. You can expect practical tools, workshops and even a box of joyful food delivered to your home – all offering you a fresh perspective on how to live a happier, healthier and more inspired life.

Reconnect and find out how to eat better, sleep better, feel better and live better.

What’s In The Rooms?

House Of Happiness Wellbeing Activities
House Of Happiness Wellbeing Activities
House Of Happiness Wellbeing Activities
House Of Happiness Wellbeing Activities
House Of Happiness Wellbeing Activities
Click to explore your virtual wellbeing activities

If the pressures of last year have derailed your healthy habits or left you in extra need of a serious unwind, you’ll find a programme of experiences to help you start the year with your best foot forward. Activities are grouped into three areas: mind, body and soul. Each one has a diverse menu with a range of passionate people ready to inspire and boost your team’s morale, with a selection of performances, tutorials and speakers that will unlock your creativity and help form connections with your colleagues.

The Mind Room

Activities to inspire and provide motivational tools. Reset your mind with workshops and speakers to cultivate positivity with simple techniques to free yourself from negative thinking, speakers to help you achieve your goals, performers that take your words and turn it into instant poetry, through to slow down sessions, providing tips on how to implement small changes that will make a big impact along with rituals to improve your sleep and switch off.

The Body Room

A range of restorative or energising workshops. Get everyone moving with desk stretching exercises, challenge yourself with fast paced juggling or select some mindful moments for escapism. Boost your mood through aromatherapy sessions, learn how to give your eyes a break from looking at the screen all day with eye yoga or help manage stress through movement with hip hop or disco yoga.

The Soul Room

Daily distractions and pressures fade away when you’re being creative so this is a chance to try something new. Become an origami master or learn how to feed the soul through healthy eating workshops. Find your inner performer by working as a team in a choir or bash out some beats in our kitchen utensils drumming workshop. Wondering what the future holds? Take a look with our fortune teller or numerolgist.

The Juice Bar

And because we know everyone’s missing a bit of office banter, you can also visit the Juice Bar where colleagues and team mates can meet and video chat or host breakout sessions inbetween activities.

Joyful Food

Leading London caterer Alix Caiger and her team at Caiger & Co are passionate about healthy eating and sustainability in catering – you’ll find plenty of fermenting going on in their kitchen – so they were the obvious choice when it came to designing menus that ensure we start the year on a good note.  Designed to put a spring in your step, our restorative snack boxes are are filled with soul saving foods including a selection of energy balls and tumeric & blood orange shots.

Fresh, nutritional and delicious; they’re just want you need to give your team a boost. And of course there are vegetarian and vegan options as well as catering for dietary restrictions. Boxes start at £60pp. Click here for the full menu.

Packs of Positivity

2020 saw the entire country switch to remote working, for some this has been easy, for others, this has been a very hard transition. Many workers are finding the lack of variation in their days difficult to manage and so we’re delighted to have team up with Mantel to offer a motivational gift box that you can send to staff to support their mindset and well being.

Inside the working from home gift set you will find our ‘win the day’ positivity pack, which contains daily motivational prompt cards, a motivational art piece and a well being candle to really promote a moment of self care. Alternatively we’re able to create an entirely bespoke option to deliver a memorable and experiential event gifting service that brings your event to life. Prices on request.

Positivity Packs from Mantel
Positivity Packs from Mantel
Positivity Packs from Mantel
Positivity Packs from Mantel
Positivity Packs from Mantel
Got Questions? Start Here

The House of Happiness wellbeing experience includes access to our online platform, 3 virtual rooms with 2 complimentary activities for your team, video chat room along with all the technical support you need to host a virtual event, including a producer and technician during the event itself. Prices vary depending on the number of guests but as a guide they range from £60pp for 200 guests to £90pp for 100 guests.

Our virtual events work best when you order both the food and the entertainment but if you’d like either as a stand-alone option then just let us know.

To book your virtual wellbeing experience

Call us: 020 7610 2808

Email us: info@evolve-events.com

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Evolve Events went above and beyond to create a virtual party especially for us that was fresh and exciting, helping us to connect, motivate and inspire our staff during what have been difficult times for us all.

Before we hosted the event, I was a little skeptical about whether a virtual party would be able to engage and entertain staff, but I was delighted at the solution Evolve Events was able to deliver.

Our staff loved exploring the immersive environment of the Alpine Lodge, our chosen virtual venue. Features like the instant messenger and video chat functions encouraged social interaction and made it seem like a real party.

We also wanted to acknowledge how hard our staff had worked this year while Gary and his team managed to incorporate our award show into the Christmas party.

Thanks to Evolve Events and Caiger & Co we were able to treat our staff to a personalised hamper of food & drink and other Christmas goodies delivered straight to their door for them to enjoy from their homes on the night.

Bank Leumi

Gary and his team organised a fantastic virtual Christmas party for our agency at very short notice.

Initially, we were apprehensive as we had never done a big virtual event like this before, but the Evolve Events team were excellent at putting our worries at bay, with great communication and commitment from day one. Our stall were able to meet up with each other at the virtual Alpine Lodge for an evening of mind-blowing magic and entertaining bingo, all complete with fancy dress and food sent before the event.

A big thank you to the whole team!


The virtual Christmas Party created by Evolve Events for Electronic Arts was a great success in every sense of the word!

From the initial discussions with Gary through to the execution, our event was treated in the same away as a live Christmas Party would have been, and this attention to detail was key to the amazing experience for our guests and the extremely positive feedback I received both during the night, and afterwards.

The visuals and functionality within the Alpine Lodge were impressive, as was the quality of the live entertainment performances. And of course everyone loved receiving a food and party box delivered to their homes (especially the cocktails!)

It’s true to say that I was extremely apprehensive about the pressures of hosting a virtual Christmas Party, but Gary and his team were exceptional, delivering a truly memorable evening, and I look forward to working with Evolve again in the future.

Electronic Arts