Gingerline bring their theatrical dining approach to private events with The Institute of Flavourology

These days when clients ask for our help to create an event, we’re usually asked for ideas on how we can make it more interactive. The increasing demand for events that engage is partly due to the popularity of immersive dining where guests don’t just consume the food on the plate, they experience it. Inventors of immersive dining are Gingerline, whose pop-up suppers combine performance and food to create incredible worlds. The team are responsible for some of the most popular dining events of the last few years; quite a feat when attendees are sworn to secrecy.

Recently Gingerline launched The Institute of Flavourology, bringing their creativity to the private events industry to help brands and individuals create bespoke memorable experiences. We spoke to co-founder Suz Mountford to find out more.

Gingerline Interview by Evolve Events
Gingerline Interview by Evolve Events
Gingerline Interview by Evolve Events

Who are Gingerline and what do you do?

We are a bunch of food and drink enthusiasts and our aim is simply to create the ultimate dining experience. We tend to use unusual spaces to create fully immersive, interactive and delicious dining experiences for those who’ve a taste for the unexpected. The best way we’ve found to do that is keep all elements of what the dining experience entails completely secret to the guests. It’s about trust. It’s great fun.

We started out doing elaborate and nomadic supper clubs, but we’ve grown what we do into three distinct strands of flavoursome forays:

  • Classic Gingerline – Our original nomadic theatrical supper club which pops up in various secret locations along the Gingerline.
  • The Chambers of Flavour – The original multi-dimensional dining phenomenon where intrepid diners are propelled through five contrasting parallel realities enjoying a fantastical course in each.
  • Institute of Flavolourology – The private events arm of Gingerline and the newest addition to the family. Imagine interactive menus, creative cocktails and dining concepts to bring a little something different to corporate and private events.
Gingerline Interview by Evolve Events
Gingerline Interview by Evolve Events

What inspired you to make dining more of an experience?

We wanted to bring that sense of freedom and play we enjoy so often as children but with fabulous grown-up things like food and booze. Most importantly, we wanted to build a real bond with our guests, because there is a trust element to what we do. Our guests trust us to give them a fabulous night beyond any expectations they have, we trust them to keep the details of those nights secret, so future guests can enjoy it much as they did.

Can you tell us a bit about multidimensional dining and why it’s become so popular?

Multi-dimensional dining is an unusual format of eating where you experience each course of a meal in a totally different context. As far as we’re aware, we are the only ones who do it, via our Chambers of Flavour Project.

That desire for adventure, risk, spontaneity is what is driving the demand for immersive experiences generally; whether that’s cinema experiences, artistic technologies, creative dining, or theatrics.

Gingerline Productions interviewed by Evolve Events
Gingerline Productions interviewed by Evolve Events
Gingerline Productions interviewed by Evolve Events
Gingerline Productions interviewed by Evolve Events

We’d love to hear more about The Institute of Flavourology and how private clients can bring a bit of the Gingerline magic to their events?

The Institute of Flavourology is the newly launched private events arm of Gingerline. We have developed a suite of creative and interactive menus, which can flex to fit a variety of formats including sit down dinners or canapé receptions. To compliment the menus clients can also choose from a range of dining concepts, which have been based on past Gingerline experiences.

As with all of our projects, our culinary creations are a closely guarded secret, but we will share example menus with the client prior to confirming and work closely with them to select the menu for their event and guests.  

Do you have any examples of how your approach can be used to bring press events to life?

Through The Institute we’ve been working with intrepid brands and clients to produce and execute bespoke events. Using the Gingerline alchemy of secrecy, creativity and just a little tom-foolery we can create a truly gastronomic adventure for any brief.

Recently The Singapore Tourism Board tasked us with promoting Singapore as a top travel destination. In response we created a multi dimensional dining experience where intrepid explorers ventured through 5 different dining dimensions, each revealing Singapore’s best-kept secrets.

What’s next?

The doors to our last Classic Gingerline Returns adventure closed in December 2016. The team will be heading underground for a brief hiatus whilst a new concept is developed. Expect this to pop up somewhere along the Gingerline later this year.  

Chambers of Flavour V2 has been running at full steam since September 2016 and is currently sold out until May. However the engineers have agreed to keep the pistons pumping for a few more weeks and we will be releasing a shiny new batch of tickets (9th May onwards) on 31st January at midday  – click here to find out more. 

The Institute of Flavourology will continue to develop new and exciting menus for brands and clients who want to bring something a little different to their events.

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