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7 event trends you’ll need to know for 2023

event trends you’ll need to know for 2023

Meetings and events are back in a big way, and whilst it’s been wonderful to witness the return to live events, expectations have changed. New ways are required for audience engagement and planners need to look for innovative ways to deliver personalised experiences.

Last week we hosted our first networking event of the year, where we were joined by Alistair Turner from Eight PR who shared the findings of the IBTM World Trends Report. It was a great chance to sit with like minded industry professionals to talk about the events landscape for 2023. Plus an opportunity to look at the event spaces at the Mandarin Oriental. The chat was wide and varied but here’s a summary of our thoughts on the 7 event trends for 2023 that we mulled over:

Social conscience

Consumers will be looking closely at companies to see who aligns with their values and can deliver more ethical, inclusive events. Expect to be judged by what you do rather than what you say.


The days of one-size-fits-all are gone. Events will need to offer elements that can be tailored to suit individuals. Attendees expect choice and for events to reflect what’s important to them. Focus on events that drive connections with unforgettable experiences and help people connect in meaningful and memorable ways.

Metaverse (again)

Advances in tech & the need to push boundaries will see experiences become more innovative. Maybe not the much-hyped Metaverse but the take-off of better virtual experiences. We’ll also see the evolution of the Virtual Experience economy have an impact on how we plan, source & deliver events.


Back-to-back event schedules be gone; it’s all about balance. Making space for tech-free time off with quiet rooms to take a moment and recharge. As the wellness sector continues to boom, Sensehacking will feature on creative briefs to ensure events are designed to appeal to all of the senses.

Carbon footprint

Offsetting is no longer good enough. The focus has to be on how to reduce the carbon footprint of an event from the get-go. Tracking is key. The lines between work and leisure become more blurred; blended events will see workshops incorporate relaxation elements, conferences will merge into parties.

Guilt free travel

Pent-up demand for travel continues with clean, green rail leading the way  and the launch of new sleeper trains across Europe set to shake up the incentive market.

Community & Connection

With remote working becoming established, events are replacing the office as the place to enable and facilitate connection. Extending the duration and value of an event by bringing people together to build connection before, during and after. Events need to engage. And with a heightened focus on return on time, experience & investment they need to offer value.

A stimulating morning, packed with industry insights on the biggest trends in meetings & events and discussion on how to plan successful events in the new global events landscape.

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