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Entertainment ideas for Christmas parties

By October organisation of our client’s festive Christmas parties is in full swing with venues secured and menu’s planned. We’re now putting the finishing touches to our events and wanted some brilliant entertainment ideas to help bring our events to life.  We caught up with Hettie from the brilliant Kru Talent and asked her to provide us with some of their top festive themed entertainment ideas for 2015.  Here are some of their favourite entertainment ideas for Christmas parties:

Entertainment Ideas for Christmas Parties The Giant Snowglobe

The Giant Snowglobe

Set in the largest snow globe you’re likely to have ever seen, two amazing acrobats will stun your guests as they perform a beautiful balancing routine. Glitter continuously falls over them whilst they showcase stunning acrobatics and incredible flexibility and strength.  A huge success in many sectors and in over 12 countries to date, this magical high impact act entertains large crowds and is a perfect addition to make your Christmas party really stand out.


Entertainment Ideas for Christmas Parties Moustache Balancers


The Moustache Balancers

These acrobatic dashing young men are firm believers that there is nothing in life that cannot be improved by the application of a good moustache! These three intrepid fellows set out to entertain, dazzle and amaze with their vivacious and victorious strong men act. Both on the ground and up in the air or on the high trapeze the “Strong Brothers” will perform extraordinary feats of strength, daring and balance. They are sure to leave our guests stunned with appreciation. Mixing and mingling at your Christmas party or able to perform a stage show, these brothers will be sure to cause a stir with their incredible stunts and tricks!


Entertainment Ideas for Christmas Parties Festive Elves


Festive Elves

The Festive Elves carry a spectacular swaying eight foot tall tower of presents. Armed with quill, clipboard & pocket watch, Head Elf Horris attempts to keep their delivery on schedule. As Junior Elf Norris struggles and clowns with the teetering tower of presents. Both elves are ever watchful for people with names on the list of those who have been good! The Festive Elves are the perfect addition to any Christmas event or campaign and family fun days as they will create buzz and put audiences in a festive mood.


Entertainment Ideas for Christmas Parties Dancing Turkeys


Tap Dancing Turkeys

The Tap Dancing Turkeys bring Vaudevillian Rhythms and Comic Twitter to the streets of the UK. Perfect for Walkabout entertainment for all events, these two charismatic Birds are stuffed with hilarious bird talk, interactive dance steps and superb shopping tips! Splendid nonsense from two of Britain’s leading street entertainers. A real visual performance who never fail to draw a crowd and are guaranteed to get everyone in a festive mood.


Entertainment Ideas for Christmas Parties The Christmas Band


The Christmas Band 

Traveling the world every December providing festive entertainment at Christmas parties, this band are the perfect recipe to get you and your guests into the Christmas spirit. Made up of fantastic musicians and vocalists who are trained West End performers, this band is guaranteed to get your guests ‘rockin around the Christmas tree’, ‘Stepping into Christmas’…and spreading ‘Joy to the world’. With a uncontrollable LOVE for the Christmas Period, the Christmas band have performed all over the world for various parties, festivals and corporate events. With heaps of experience they know how to get your party going, keep everyone on the dance floor, construct a fantastic playlist that is full of dynamics, surprises and Christmas fun and to make sure that all your guests are entertained. With a 4 piece line-up that features 2 female vocalists, live guitar and bass this band come fully dressed in Christmas-themed costumes and ready to bring the house down!


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