Interview with Endeavour Floral Design

Endeavour Floral Design is the brain child of designer Steve Clark & is a floral design brand that encompasses decades of experience within luxury design excellence, creative story telling & idea development. 

We recently appointed him as an approved suppliers to Kent House Knightsbridge and caught up with him to have a chat about his floral style and his business.

Endeavour Floral Design
Endeavour Floral Design

After a successful and decade long career immersed within the heights of both the London & Parisian fashion industries, former photographer Steve Clark sought to embrace new creative challenges & took up the reins of the family floral design business.

Steve’s flair for design and creative eye quickly elevated him to head of design & with his passion for excellence & his eagerness to explore, it wasn’t long before he was invited to embrace the even more esteemed position of head of floral design & creative project’s at the world renowned five-star Lanesborough Hotel.

As head of floral design, Steve personally designed & crafted on a daily basis the finishing touches that adorned the elaborately decorated room’s & suites occupied by not only global royalty but also the London Elite & world class celebrities of both stage & screen. After making the decision to leave Lanesborough, Steve quickly found himself working with some of the industries leading floral design brands furthering both his knowledge & experience within floral design technique & event production before going on to set up his own business, Endeavour Floral Design.

Endeavour Floral Design
Endeavour Floral Design
Endeavour Floral Design
Endeavour Floral Design

What’s been your journey to become a florist?

Having been brought up in a flower shop setting I suppose I was always destined to become a florist.  Both my mum and grandparents were florists and I can vividly remember trying to help from around the age of five onwards.  I would sweep up, rescue pot plants that needed a little TLC, make tea and also perfume for everyone with old rose petals and water (everyone told me how lovely it smelt but in reality, it probably wasn’t all that fantastic).  I remember being fascinated by the different colours, textures and smells of my mum’s flower shops.  I’d try to help the florists and remember sitting next to them with a small bowl and a handful of twigs, trying to copy them whilst they were creating their beautiful designs.  My mum was (and still is) a truly brilliant florist and fantastic teacher too, her patience with me when I was younger was amazing .  I started to take a more serious interest in the family business when I was a teenager and worked after school and at weekends either at one of the shops or at the flower stall that we had in the local town centre. 

I left to go to art school in London where I developed a love for photography which started a new passion for me, and after college I carved out an amazingly exciting career within the fashion industry in London and Paris working on editorial shoots for magazines such as FHM, Vogue and Madame Figaro. 

In my late twenties I came back to floristry as a result of having to take over the family business due to my mum having a serious accident. I fell in love with flowers all over again and felt so happy being surrounded by creativity.  I opened my very own flower shop in 2010 which was a fantastic experience and running the business taught me some valuable lessons.

After five or so years I was offered an amazing challenge working as the Floral Design Managers at the luxurious Lanesborough Hotel in Knightsbridge. Working as the hotel’s senior florist was an amazing experience; the standards throughout the hotel were impeccable and the opportunity to be both creative and lavish at the same time soon became an everyday normality.  I was lucky enough to create floral decorations for royalty as well as celebrities and pop stars. The memories of this experience will stay with me now for life and the lessons learnt have helped me with the creation of Endeavour Floral Design.

After my time at the hotel I was offered another fantastic position as an event manager at one of London’s leading floral design brands, Hayford & Rhodes.  Although my stay with the team there was relatively brief, it was a fantastic experience and taught me a great deal about the business of floral design and also how the events industry works.  Joanna Rhodes is a true inspiration to me and a fantastic woman too.  Her dedication to the brand that she has developed and her warmth, passion and enthusiasm towards her expanding team really is worthy of admiration and celebration. 

Endeavour Floral Design was created in 2018 from my experiences so far.  All of the lessons that I have been lucky enough to learn and the ground breaking people that have been generous enough to share with me their time have taught me not only how to build Endeavour, but also how to enjoy and encourage growth for Endeavour Floral Design.  The journey continues as it always will do!    

Endeavour Floral Design
Endeavour Floral Design

What kind of floristry services do you offer?

I predominately provide a service for the weddings and events industry and have so far been lucky enough to build some brilliant relationships with both clients and venues throughout London, Surrey and Oxford.  The types of venues that I typically work with include art galleries, stately homes, historic event venues, photographic studios and museums. I also provide a ‘private home’ floral design service and have many clients throughout Fulham and the West London area. 

How would you describe your floral design and business style?

I suppose I would describe my floral design style as being quite classic really. I always concentrate on striving towards providing the greatest quality possible for every client regardless of what their budget or brief is. I also place as much emphasis on the building of great relationships as I do on the end product and or the finished event-scape.  I would also describe my style as being relatively fluid; I take great inspiration from current trends and incorporate aspects of these throughout my own work on a regular basis. 

My business style on the other hand has been developed and moulded with a great mix of both old fashioned as well as more modern and forward-thinking ideas, methods, principles and values.  Great service, generosity and the building of long-lasting relationships is as important to me as great floral design as it is a part of the business that will continuously encourage success.  All of the above is of course delivered with a large helping of light hearted humour; rubbish jokes are unfortunately a staple of mine!                      

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I manage to take inspiration from many places; from fellow florists to the architecture and interiors of the buildings that I work within.  As a florist the creation of shape, form and texture is always at the forefront of my mind so taking inspiration from art, fashion, photography or even the window designs of London’s amazing boutiques and department stores is something that I take great enjoyment from on a regular basis.  I enjoy seeing flowers, plants and trees grow in their natural habitat; being able to see the structures and shapes that are created is like a breath of fresh air as sometimes those simple combinations, shapes and textures are not quite so obvious to us when standing in the studio.

What’s an average day look like?

Every day for me is different from the last.  I’m lucky as I’ve always been a project led person rather than needing routine or structure.  On a normal week I visit the flower market two to three times early in the morning, to buy flowers and to catch up with friends or just to keep an eye on what new floral varieties are starting to blossom.  Most days are spent filled with client inquiries and designing mood boards and event design proposals. I do, at least once a day, like to be in the studio even if it is just for a cuppa!  Unlike some florists I don’t seem to spend my entire day surrounded by flowers. Some days are busier than others and I think it’s important to have a break from flowers, even if it is just for an afternoon but there isn’t a day that goes past where I don’t think about flowers or the designing of that perfect event though I always make sure that I keep some time just for me or, in reality, time for the dogs!  

What kind of events do you provide flowers for?

The events that I design and create are also pretty varied, from corporate dinners and private dining experiences to art exhibition openings, birthday parties and wedding celebrations.  No event is ever the same and even if I do have a client that wants to re-create a design that I have created before, I always try to tackle the challenge in a slightly different way so that the end result looks fresh.

Do you have a favourite flower?

I used to favour bold shaped and structural flowers but now I love to see and use more delicate and intricate blooms within my work.  Spring and early summer blooms are amazing as they signify the end of the winter gloom: anemones, butterfly ranunculus, hellebores and muscari are among my favourites but who can resist an overly petaled peony or the intricacy of a beautiful dahlia?  Delicate blooms such as cosmos and poppies are absolute favourites of mine and are used as much as possible throughout their season. This year I’m in the process of designing and building a bespoke studio space and gardens on some land that my mum very generously allowed me to develop.  These gardens and large greenhouse will allow me to grow many varieties of both flowers and foliage to use within the events that I’m creating. Dahlias, garden roses and wild sweet peas will feature heavily, as well as large selections of flowering and scented herbs and detailed foliage.      

Favourite thing to do outside of work?

As most florists will admit, time spent outside of work is a bit of a luxury and something we don’t always have time to cherish.  I do however love to spend time in the garden with the dogs and also out in the countryside, seeing nature at its best. This year, as soon as the new studio space is ready, I’m going to dust off my old cameras in the hope to regain my passion for photography; it’s been a while so I just hope that I can remember what to do and what buttons to press! Apart from this I ‘m trying to reorganise the limited amount of storage space that I have at the moment.  Trying to find room for the new vases, props and candle sticks that I shouldn’t have just brought and don’t have room for is for me and many other florists, a very common problem.   

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