“Would you like us to make your face in chocolate?”

Such was the opening gambit when we first met Candy Mechanics. Who could resist such an invitation! Using their own mini candy factory they took a scan and within minutes created a 3D chocolate. Amazingly, it really did look like us, albeit with an edible gold shimmer.  We chose white chocolate thinking it would taste the best but couldn’t quite bring ourselves to eat it, preferring instead to wave it in front of everyone we knew shouting ‘Look, it’s me. In chocolate!”

The impact these chocolate lollies have is fabulous; everyone is intrigued and we think they would be wonderful at an event, providing your guests with a truly unique take home gift. Or image the impact of creating lots of chocolate lollies of one person such as a Bar Mitzvah party girl or his ‘n’ hers Bride and Groom.

Founded by Sam Part and Ben Redford in 2015, along with in-house chocolatier and former chief taster at Green & Blacks William Leigh, and engineer Chris Tait, we spoke to Sam to find out more about them and how their chocoholic world could bring that extra something to your event.

Eat Me!

Candy Mechanics

Who are Candy Mechanics and what do you create?

Candy Mechanics are pioneers in the world of customised confectionery. We take our amazing Candy Cart to events and 3D scan your guests’ heads before using our Candy Carve to turn them into 3D chocolate lollipops live in front of them!

What impact do you think your products have at an event?

It’s show-stopping – people swamp us! We’ve had such great feedback from our clients and great guest engagement – the Candy Cart is cutting edge and unique – totally different from anything people have ever seen. NB this is NOT 3D printing!

What sort of chocolate do you use – can you work with different flavours?

We use Barry Callebaut chocolate; ensuring stability in our supply chain but also ensuring a fair price is paid to cocoa farmers. We can work with different chocolate and different flavours.

“I’m a



What inspired you to start creating edible faces?

Our founder Sam was tasked as a design student with ‘Introducing himself to the world’. He went over his ideas with his tutor – he’d written ‘I’m a likeable guy’ but due to his dyslexia he misspelt likeable as lickable – and from there the idea was born.

What’s the best and worst thing about working with chocolate?

The best thing? Being around chocolate all the time. The worst thing? Being around chocolate all the time! Such temptation…

Do you just do faces or can you do other things too? What’s the strangest thing you’ve turned into chocolate?

At the moment we do faces but we’ve launched Candy Cards online (and soon to events) – a customisable 3D chocolate bar.

The strangest thing we’ve ever made? Nick Grimshaw’s dog!

Your head on a stick

Anna has her head turned into a chocolate lollipop

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