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Top Tips | How cutlery influences taste





Fine Dining Culinary Top Tips


In our latest Culinary Top Tips series we discover that research by a University of Oxford team suggests that our perception of how food tastes is influenced by cutlery.  Size, weight, shape and colour all have an effect on flavour. How we experience food is a “multisensory experience involving taste, feel of the food in our mouths, aroma, and the feasting of our eyes“, said Prof Charles Spence and Dr Vanessa Harrar. The researchers found that food tasted sweeter on the small spoons that are traditionally used to serve desserts.  Colour contrast was also an important factor – white yoghurt eaten from a white spoon was rated sweeter than white yoghurt tasted on a black spoon.  Similarly, when testers were offered cheese on a knife, spoon, fork or toothpick, they found that the cheese from a knife tasted saltiest.


Your food tasting is your chance to look at how the food is presented and make sure that you’ve got the right cutlery, plate size, linen and glassware.  Little details like the   salt and pepper shakers can make a big impression.  Does the styling suit the type of cuisine you have selected, the expectations of the guests and any theme you have chosen?


Pay close attention to the presentation of the food, not just the taste.  The visual appeal is such a big part of the experience.