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60 Second Interview with event stylist Christabel’s

When we create an event we’re always on the lookout for ideas on how to enhance it with bespoke touches to create an entirely unique and memorable occasion.

One of our favourite companies currently producing great styling and creative concepts is Christabel’s, owned by Christabel Beeson.  Christabel is full of ideas on how to bring some fun and style to your event and has worked on some great concepts such as edible art where guests get to paint an edible feast with delicious ‘paint like’ sauces.

Christabel Events

Christabel’s is a great place to go to for hire of mobile cocktail bars including an 1980s Ambulance, along with a multitude of ideas on how to pimp your drink.  We love the design your own cocktail options at their mobile botanical cocktail bar with a built in herb garden, which will let visitors create their own concoctions by mixing and matching herbs, spirits and mixers.

Christabel Events

Innovative food and drink menus with food combinations that are out of the ordinary are what differentiate Christabel’s such as scones with white chocolate and marmalade; marmite and fried egg on toast, and celery sticks to dunk in peanut butter. And you can rely on Christabel not to forget the little styling touches that make all the difference at an event like canapes on petri dishes or shots in test tubes.

Find out more in our 60 Second Interview with Christabel Beeson:


Describe Christabel’s in three words.

Colourful, Fun and Unique

What sparked the idea of creating Christabel’s?

It all began with our ‘Mad Hatters Brunches’ which grew out of a passion for three things: food and experimenting with interesting, unusual flavours; design (I hand paint all the plates which food is served on and love collecting fun and quirky homeware); and entertaining!

We know our clients would love the idea of creative and interactive team building events – what could they expect at one of your workshops?

The unexpected I guess! They can expect to switch off from reality and explore their creative side. Our workshops are fun, colourful and interactive, and a chance for people to use their creative energies, and actually create something with their hands.

What is the best event you have ever worked on?

Probably a three day event for Arcadia, where we had Betty our cocktail bar – it was a secret garden theme which we love!

What is your favourite bespoke food or drink that you have created? 

Our ‘Flirt’ cocktail and our chocolate, soy, ginger honey pulled pork.

What is the craziest request you have had for bespoke food or drink?

We get lots of crazy requests but a recent interesting one is ‘futuristic everything’.

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