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Christmas 2017 at 8 Northumberland Avenue

A taste of Christmas 2017 at 8 Northumberland Avenue

Take a look at the delights in store for Christmas 2017 at 8 Northumberland Avenue as Evolve Events takes a virtual reality tour of the venue.


Harnessing the latest in technology 8 Northumberland Avenue had a great way to showcase their themes as we were immersed into 2017 using 3D Virtual Reality as we were all given headsets to visualise what the venue is going to look like next year. It certainly had the edge on traditional mood boards and was a great way to get everyone chatting to each other as we looked into the future to get a taste of 2017.


The venue looked particularly beautiful sparkling in pretty lights and glitter with lanterns suspended over tables. Of course our favourite bit was the simply stunning sweet table which, we confess, we may have returned to just once or twice over the course of the evening. We had a wonderful night with other event planners and we’re really excited about both of the themes that are available to experience at 8 Northumberland Avenue. Our recommendation would be complete and exclusive hire of the venue, so you can experience both.

 Winter Glitz and Glamour

Giving you a chance to experience the elegance of a snow palace, the Billiard Room and Annexe will be transformed into true winter brilliance as the diamond glints on snow and the stars of the evening night are bought indoors with decorated trees creating an enchanted forest for a night of Winter Glitz and Glamour.


The Lost Palace of Atlantis

Grand and yet secret, the lost Palace of Atlantis will offer clients an escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital city to a hidden Palace, known only to those invited to see. Dive into the hidden city where the keepers of the Palace have dusted off the starfish and pushed the pearls to the side to create the perfect space for wonderful Christmas parties.


8 Northumberland Avenue is a fabulous Grade II listed building, only a minute’s walk away from Trafalgar Square. Immaculately restored after 70 years under wraps, the Grand State Rooms use the latest technology to create outstanding events for up to 1,000 guests. Christmas packages include exclusive hire, theming, catering and drinks. We’ve used the venue many times for Christmas parties and other events so can vouch that you are guaranteed an amazing night. To find out more about this venue or arrange a showround please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you find out more.        


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