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Top tips for hosting a Brazilian themed event

Everyone knows that the Brazilians know how to throw a party in style and with all the excitement, colour and passion it’s no wonder that Carnival theming is such a big trend for events. 

To help you get into the Samba mood here’s a look at our interpretation of hosting your own Brazilian party with all the key elements including caipirinha cocktails, samba dancers, and Carmen Miranda!


Getting the party started

Setting the scene from the beginning is crucial to get your guests in the mood and to build levels of excitement. How about some Brazilian Showgirls to welcome guests? This sassy duo from Kru Talent will sparkle, dance and entertain any audience, interacting with the crowd and adding splendor to your event whilst spreading their vivacious charm.

Tropical theming

Brazil is associated with bright and bold colours so you need to incorporate vibrant reds, pinks and oranges into your styling. We prefer these upbeat tones over the traditional greens and yellows of the flag – it’s important not to take theming too literally but instead be inspired by a style.  Props could include colourful ostrich feathers, steel barrels and carnival backdrops and why not include a selection of feather masks for guests to wear? An LED colour changing bar, stacked high with tropical fruit would be a perfect centre piece.


Street food can be found everywhere with the popularity of pop up food markets. Indulge your guests by providing a range of beautifully styled rustic Carnival food carts with authentic Brazilian bites including Churrasco BBQ Beef and Lamb with Chimichurri Sauce or churros with chocolate sauce for something sweet.


A Brazilian party is not truly Brazilian without their signature drink, the caipirinha. It’s deliciously refreshing but we have to warn you, it’s powerfully alcoholic too and is likely to keep you dancing in the streets late into the night! We spoke to our friends at The Bartender about why it gets everyone into the samba mood:

“The key ingredient in this cocktail is cachaça, the national spirit of Brazil, which in turn, makes this drink the national drink of Brazil. Cachaça is made from sugar cane, similar to rum however using different processing methods. The resulting spirit is sweet and often clear as only one year of ageing is legally required.

The Caiprinhia is prepared by muddling (squashing, using a wooden stick) lime wedges and demerara sugar in a sturdy glass, topping with crushed ice and cachaça then stirring. It is very easy to customise this drink with fresh fruits or different sugars. A good example would be to use honey instead of sugar, and muddle blueberries with the lime. Watermelon caipirinhas are heaven on a hot day.”


Whilst guests are enjoying their caipirinhas, set the mood with a band performing Lounge Samba or chilled Latin American music.  Relaxed Brazilian sounds are the perfect option to get guests tapping their toes to Latin American rhythms.  As the mood heightens, change to a more traditional Brazilian rhythm like a samba with the all essential drummers. If possible, hire some professional dancers to give samba lessons. Guests will love it so much they won’t want to leave the dance floor.


Make sure that your guests stay entertained throughout the evening by providing Brazilian themed entertainment throughout the event.  Some of our favourite acts from Kru Talent include:

Carmen Miranda Tribute  

Touted as one of the greatest Brazilian artists of all time, Carmen Miranda is a huge influence in Brazilian culture being a Broadway actress, film star, singer and samba dancer and our Carmen Miranda Tribute act brings her alive with humour and grace! The UK’s only Carmen Miranda tribute act, her wonderfully colourful and accurate costumes, along with her witty and charming banter and voice which steals hearts, makes this act both bizarrely unique and traditional. Carmen’s sets can be both romantic and exciting with slow bossa Jazz and upbeat Samba. Perfect for all events, Carmen adds a splash of colour and a ray of Brazilian sunshine to any function.

Brazilian Dance Troupe

Brazilian Dance Troupe is a London based group of professional Brazilian dancers with the best samba dancers, Brazilian entertainment and dance show in the UK! These corporate entertainers will bring glamour, excitement, quality performance and an electric atmosphere to your event. They specialise in Samba and Brazilian dance styles including Brazilian Axé, Capoeira, Afro Brazilian Dance and Baile Funk. They can work alone or come armed with a live Brazilian Latin band or Brazilian Samba drummers to complement their dance show.

Capoeira Performers 

The Brazilian martial art of Capoeira draws its influences from dance, acrobatics, fighting and games, culminating in a phenomenal show of flexibility, stamina, and strength. The use of traditional instruments such as the berimbau, tambourine and drums, along with live singing and chanting makes Capoeira an exciting game of technique and strategy. Watch as these performers cartwheel, flip, and dodge each other in a beautifully controlled dance that will amaze and impress. You may have seen this group performing on the BBC TV indent; an indent which resulted in Capoeira gaining more popularity nationally and internationally. Now very popular on the streets of London, and with dance classes popping up everywhere and for all ages, Capoeira is the game to play this season.

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