Looking forward to summer with Beautiful World Tents

Beautiful World Tents are a family owned and run business that provides the most magical Giant Hat Tipis for weddings and events.

For fourteen years they’ve been helping couples create the most enchanting setting for their wedding day and this year we’re delighted to announce that they will be installed at the Secret River Garden for select dates in summer 2020 enabling companies to bring the relaxed festival vibe to their summer parties.  We caught up with them recently to find out more about all things Tipi.

Beautiful World Tents Tipi Events and Weddings
Beautiful World Tents Tipi Events and Weddings
Beautiful World Tents Tipi Events and Weddings
Beautiful World Tents Tipi Events and Weddings

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

Beautiful World Tents has been helping couples create their perfect wedding since 2006 and are proud of their reputation as a leading tipi wedding specialist in the south east.  Working to the highest industry standards, we offer genuine Nordic style tipis from Scandinavia, complete with a full range of lighting and furnishings styled to help create a unique bespoke wedding, party or event . We are thrilled to be working with The Secret River Garden to offer a very special wedding venue in the most secret stunning location!

How did you get into the events business?

Our company was built out of a love for the extraordinary!

Natalie Dyson, Owner of Beautiful World Tents was on the look out for a venue for a holistic business that she was in the process of creating. Discovering Tipis she was captivated by the magical atmosphere that they created, and so Beautiful World Tents was born. 14 years later we are all still captivated by the unique atmosphere they create.

What do Beautiful World Tents specialise in?

We specialise in the supply of Authentic Nordic tipis. They are about the most robust outdoor tent structure available, that’s why they are suitable for use all year round.  The tipis are especially resilient to the weather and can withstand much higher levels of adverse weather compared to other outdoor wedding structures. Tipis work flexibly to create exactly the right amount of space for different numbers of guests. You can make them cosy and atmospheric for a smaller wedding or spill out into the surrounding grounds to create a festival vibe.

How does hosting an event in a tent differ from a traditional bricks and mortar venue?

Tipis offer great versatility as they can be set up almost anywhere on grass.  There needs to be sufficient space to fit the tipis, relatively flat and well drained land, plus access for vehicles delivering the tipis to be set up.  It’s also important that the land is free from any potential hazards such as underground or overhead electrical cables. The experience of the tipi company is important in recommending the best options to meet your needs, guiding you throughout the planning process and making sure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions along the way. 

What’s the most spectacular wedding you’ve put together?

We are now in our 14th year with over 1000 happy couples! We pride ourselves on our personalised service, tailored to individual needs, ideas and budgets. So we guess that each and every event that we have attended have been pretty spectatcular. Whether it be helping to put together a last minute wedding to setting up in a parents back garden – they are all pretty special!

The most rewarding part is receiving thankyou cards and emails with the most stunning photos! Each one is totally individual to the client with the tipis making a spectacular backdrop.

Beautiful World Tents Tipi Events and Weddings
Beautiful World Tents Tipi Events and Weddings
Beautiful World Tents Tipi Events and Weddings

What advice can you give couples in the midst of their planning?

Choosing the right tipi provider is key to planning a successful wedding that reflects your aims and ambitions for a perfect day.  Choosing a well-established tipi company, which specialises in weddings and has successfully delivered a significant number of tipi weddings over a number of years, offers reassurance and peace of mind that you are in safe hands. It’s important to check that a tipi company is a member of MUTA, which assures they are working to the highest industry standards. Having such a wealth of experience we would say to always ask for advice. There may be ideas that you have for your day that we could offer advice and suggestions about. Simple solutions such as Tipi configurations or dining plans could make compiling the all-important guest list easier. Even sharing photos from previous weddings and parties can offer inspiration.

How flexible are your tents in terms of guest numbers?

Really flexible and mostly we would advise it’s how you want to use them rather than numbers. A traditional sit-down dinner will always need more space, and then there is space for a dancefloor and bar area.

 The Tipi set up at The Secret River Garden will a huge amount of space for parties with 2 distinct areas. Once you come in through the garden gate, a single giant hat makes the perfect drinks reception area. Then through the woodland past the open fire you will come to the second giant hat Tipi. With bench style dining, fairy lit interior and dancefloor, the sides will be raised to maximise  the lovely surroundings and views of the river, enabling guests to spill in and out of the tents.  If it rains, you’ll remain dry and cosy inside, even with sides of the tipis raised as the rain will be taken away from the sloping sides.

You’ve worked at some gorgeous venues, do you have a favourite location?

We are so lucky to work in some fantastic locations. From National Trust properties and stately homes to farmer’s fields, parent’s gardens and woodland. We think our favourite thing is how the Tipis make a beautiful backdrop to whatever surroundings they are in. What we enjoy is the relationship that we have created with each venue owner, between us we can help and advise couples and share our knowledge to help create their special day.

What’s your current favourite wedding style?

The canvas and wood interiors of the Tipis provide the ultimate blank canvas for any wedding trend or colour scheme – and we have seen a lot over the years!

The actual beauty of the Tipi is they don’t really require any trend or style to look magical. Filled with fairy lights and open fires they create a stunning setting for any wedding or party. 

 And finally, can you put us out of misery and explain the difference between Tipi vs Teepee?

The authentic Nordic tents that we use are called Tipis – it’s a Scandinavian term. Our tents are from TenTipi are there is no other Tipi maker who produce such great quality and reliability.


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For more information about Beautiful World Tents visit their website here or follow them on instagram here.



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