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1920s styled conference

1920s Themed Conference


Increasingly we are being asked by our clients how to make their conferences more impactful, punchy and memorable. Currently, we are seeing a shift in trend towards a more stylised and interactive approach to get key messages across.  We were recently asked by Eventspiration to host a conference at Kent House Knightsbridge for a client with a 1920s style twist that would bring delegates together and create a feel good factor.


1920s Themed Conference


Taking influences from The Great Gatsby and Downtown Abbey the conference was held at the stunning Kent House Knightsbridge, one of the last surviving townhouses of its kind. Delegates were invited to dress the part which meant that the conference was discussed in great depth beforehand with a sense of anticipation building before the day.  Everyone excelled in their efforts with headbands, feather boas, and spats galore and with a special commendation for the manager who came dressed as Charlie Chaplin.


Kent House Knightsbridge


Outside the venue we a Lagonda Convertible 1929 was hired, which delegates were invited to pose in and it wasn’t long before everyone was jostling to get the best seat.  Once inside, delegates were welcomed with chilled Prosecco in saucers before going upstairs where lunch was served on black and white tables, speeches made and awards presented.  After lunch, a flapper girl troupe performed the Charleston and other energetic dances with guest participation with roulette and black jack tables on hand afterwards to further enhance the theme to maximise delegate enjoyment levels.


1920s Themed Conference


We were delighted afterwards to receive this lovely testimonial from Pret A Manager:


“Thanks a million for organizing the event so brilliantly! We thoroughly enjoyed it and we will remember this event for some time to come. Everything was just perfect, thanks for the care and attention you put to make this such a brilliant experience. Please congratulate your team for a job well done!

The facilities at Kent House Knightsbridge were simply perfect for our company event. The food was incredibly tasty and the quality of the service provided was also very good. All 100 of our employees that attended had fun and enjoyed this very well organized event. This is a place that I would sincerely recommend to anyone for their professionalism and attention to detail. I look forward to our next event with them.”

Said Takhamt, Pret Regional Director